Boris Johnson is facing criticism over a party that allegedly took place in May of 2020 in the Downing Street garden.

While the entire country faced a brooding lockdown, imposed by the Prime Minister, Johnson and many of his associates were photographed by an unknown source partying in the Downing Street garden.

The Gullibility Plea 

Speaking at PMQs on Wednesday, Johnson was seen backpedalling after a picture emerged of him sitting around a table with a glass of wine. When questioned about the party, the Prime Minister insisted he thought it was a ‘work meeting’, and nothing more.

Inside sources claim that more than 100 of Mr Johnson’s associates were invited to the party. At the time, however, restrictions for the British population limited social gatherings to two people, unless ‘absolutely necessary’. Witnesses reveal that around 30 people, including Boris and his wife, attended the gathering — clearly breaking the two-person mandate.

Commenting on the gathering, Labour leader Keir Starmer argued that Johnson must do the ‘decent thing’ and resign from his role. He went on to question the Prime Minster’s moral consciousness at the decision to host the gathering, stating: ‘Why does the Prime Minister still think that the rules don’t apply to him?’ Johnson apologized for the way he handled the situation, saying: ‘I regret very much that we did not do things differently that evening’.

Stepping Down

A Savanta ComRes poll reveals that 66 per cent of voters believe Boris Johnson should do the right thing and step down. A further 77 per cent of the public want the Metropolitan Police to investigate allegations over breaches of Covid restrictions on May 20, 2020. The British people want Johnson to be treated like any other person who has broken the rules. At the time, those who did not conform to lockdown rules were sanctioned with fines starting at £200 that doubled for repeat offenders. According to the National Police Chiefs’ Council, between March 27 and May 11, 14,244 fines were issued for those who breached lockdown rules in England and Wales.

Questions are being raised over what sanctions, if any, will be imposed on the Prime Minister. If not his job, then what? If no penalty is coming, then what does that show the rest of the country who sacrificed and abided by the rules imposed by the prime minister? This may be the hottest pool of water Johnson personally finds himself in since that ‘letter box’ reference to Muslim women.

Time to Confess

According to Sky News, the day of the gathering at No.10 marked another 328 Covid-related deaths, bringing the total to 34,794. One of the many people that died in 2020 was a 36-year-old nurse, Areema Nasreen.  Described by her sister Kazeema as being ‘like a mum’ and ‘a best friend’ for many, her last memory recalls her sibling ‘gasping for breath and telling me it would be alright’. Areema died that night in the ICU unit.

People are calling for honesty and a confession from the Prime Minister over his actions. While he was enjoying drinks and appetizers, thousands like Areema were losing the battle to Covid.

The last two years have seen deaths from the virus become impersonal statistics. Casualties of the pandemic are being dehumanized into useful numbers and facts on a daily basis. We have accepted all this as necessities of these unprecedented times. But we have not, and will not, accept our leaders partying away while the country drowned in bodies. The Prime Minister should consult his conscience, for a change.

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