Unmissable stories for the curious-minded

  • Approximately 100,000 attended a pro-Palestine rally in London on Saturday.
  • Hundreds chanted ‘Bring them home’ during Sunday’s Pro-Israel rally demanding the release of over 200 Hamas-held hostages.
  • Those with Pareidolia — the brain phenomenon that causes a person to see or hear something significant in a random image or pattern (e.g., Jesus’ face on toast) — are more prone to having paranormal or extrasensory experiences.
  • Instagram is being sued for contributing to a ‘youth mental health crisis’ with features such as likes, alerts and filters believed to promote body dysmorphia.
  • Elon Musk’s rebranded ‘X’ platform is being accused of promoting misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war. Critics argue that X favours accounts from its blue-check subscribers and creates a financial incentive for these account holders to promote posts with the potential to go viral. Foreign policy expert, Ian Bremmer, commented that the level of disinformation being ‘algorithmically promoted’ on X is unlike anything he has ever seen.
  • With AI technology dominating research, scientists are calling for caution and ‘AI Literacy’ training to help avoid ‘cognitive biases’ that could permanently change the way we think.

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