If you’re passionate about fundraising and helping charities, you might want to get the entire community involved next time. However, it can be difficult to know how to do this. This guide will take you through some of the ways that you can bring your community together and fundraise at the same time.

Think Up a Community Event

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to come up with a community event that will allow you to raise money for a cause that you’re passionate about. For instance, you might decide to host a fair with stalls about certain charities, or you might decide to run a bake sale. You could also set up a community cycling challenge, or a donation drive, which can encourage people to make a donation even though they might not regularly think about donating to charity. You might also consider setting up a talent show or another type of evening event that can allow your community’s members to get to know each other. If you’re still stuck for ideas, you should consider looking at fundraising ideas with Macmillan who can help you get started and raise money for a charity that helps those with cancer.

Ask for Volunteers

You won’t be able to bring the community together through fundraising if you try to do it all on your own. This means that you should try to bring together volunteers who’ll be able to man the stalls, run the event, and collect monetary contributions. By asking for volunteers, you’ll be able to pass on your passion for your cause and get more people involved, as well as help people to make friends in their local community. You’ll also be able to take some of the stress of running and organising the event off your shoulders as you’ll have the opportunity to delegate certain tasks.

Post Flyers Around Your Local Area

To check that people know about your event and turn up to it, you should post flyers around your local area. These flyers can let people know the details of your event, including where it is and the entry fee. The flyers that you put up will ensure that you don’t run the event only for a few people to attend it, and they’ll help you reach your donation target.

You’ll need to make sure that these flyers are engaging and eye-catching. This you can do by using bright colours and a large, vivid font to make people take notice of the poster.

Ask for Donations from Local Groups

To get more people to donate, you should consider getting local groups involved by asking them if they’d like to donate or make a contribution to your event, such as sponsoring it. This will also allow the people who are part of this group to hear about your event. You might also find local societies coming on group trips to visit your event. This is another way of ensuring that you can reach your fundraising targets without having to go further afield to raise money.

Author Bio: Dan is passionate about raising vital funds for charities around the world, with healthcare being at the forefront of his mind.