UPDATE 15/12/2023

We are pleased to announce that after our initial request and evidence submission, the independent Readers’ Editor has confirmed that elements of the Guardian article where misleading and required correction. This has now been implemented by direct edits to the article and a footnote to add additional context confirming that our programme was not linked to events in Luton.

You can view full corrections below:

guardian article old
Original line suggesting Prevent only tackled Islamist radicalisation.
guardian article new
Correction reflecting that Prevent tackles all forms of extremism.
full list of corrections
Full correction as outlined by the Guardian.

UPDATE 12/12/2023

After reaching out to the Guardian Journalist in question and showcasing further information and corrections required to the article, the journalist has knowledge the additional information and passed it on to the independent Readers’ Editor.

Shout Out UK have been made aware of misrepresentations being shared in relation to recent events at Luton Sixth Form College – this statement clarifies Shout Out UK’s role, purpose, and scope of work in Luton.


Shout Out UK is a non-partisan social enterprise, based in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to strengthen democracy by providing training and programmes on media literacy and political literacy.

Shout Out UK was requested by Luton Council to deliver a series of workshops on Media Literacy to counter extremism throughout the area.

As highlighted on our website, our interventions focus on building resilience to the techniques and methods utilised by extremist actors. Key focus areas in this instance were online radicalisation, Far-right extremism, and Mixed, Unclear and Unstable Ideologies.

Luton Council confirmed this scope of work in April 2023, with Shout Out UK being commissioned to start its project in September 2023 until March 2024.

As highlighted by Luton Sixth Form College, Shout Out UK’s sessions were planned separately from the recent protests conducted by students.

We have had no contact as yet from the author of an article in the Guardian (07.12.2023) related to the protests that names us and would welcome a dialogue. As of 08.12.2023 we have sent an email to the journalist, and we’re awaiting a response.

Shout Out UK has worked on a number of Home Office Prevent programmes across the UK, focusing on countering extremist misogyny, online disinformation and the Far-right. As a result, Shout Out UK’s projects are strictly impartial and cover a wide range of extremist ideologies to avoid the targeting of any specific community.

Countering disinformation and online radicalisation in all its forms is imperative to a healthy democracy. Misrepresenting this work is counter-productive and contributes to further division in our society.

Matteo Bergamini MBE
CEO & Founder