Unmissable stories for the Curious-Minded

  • COP28: UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell, called for ‘enhanced transparency,’ and ‘serious progress on finance,’ to deliver climate change action promises.
  • Bear Insomnia in Siberia: ‘Half-asleep’ bears have been spotted wandering in the Amur region of Russia. Unusually warmer weather in October and November is keeping male bears awake and shortening their hibernation period. ‘Soggy dens’ owing to higher temperatures have also been cited as a possible cause of sleeplessness.
  • Sunak’s Solution: A controversial ‘Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill seeks to make deportations to Rwanda all but assured. If passed, it will instruct decision-makers to treat Rwanda as a ‘safe country’ of refuge while making exceptions to deportation ‘vanishingly rare.’
  • Can Selfies Kill? Images of a capsized gondola in Venice with Chinese tourists have gone viral. The accident is believed to have resulted after warnings to stop taking selfies were ignored. According to research, there have been 400 reported deaths in the last 13 years from negligent selfie-taking.
  • Hello Hanukkah! The Jewish Festival of Lights begins from the 7 through to the 15 of December. The president of the Union of Jewish Students, Edward Issacs, commented that students across the country have been facing an ‘unprecedented rise of anti-Semitism on campus.’
  • Gender Gap in SEN Identification: Factors such as gender bias and the ‘camouflage effect’ may explain why only 34 to 36 per cent of girls get referred for special educational needs support. Teachers are more likely to refer boys for SEN support because they tend to be louder and more disruptive. Girls, on the other hand, are good at camouflaging various learning challenges which can result in delayed diagnosis. One proposed solution is for schools to adopt standardised criteria for SEN diagnosis.

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