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The man with nothing: Hunted by IS and saved by football

Zayran. That was the name of the 21-year-old refugee that made space in his less than luxurious shelter for me to stay. Even ‘less than luxurious’ would be an understatement. Try: a poor excuse for a wooden shack, with nothing…

0 Comments / 12/09/2017

Leaked Brexit immigration papers hit those on low income hardest

You may have seen that there’s been a bit of a debate going on, not only within Westminster, but down the pub, amongst the papers and within your family about the European Union and the nature of the UK’s departure…

0 Comments / 08/09/2017

Up! Up! … and Away! Why going abroad is still the best adventure

I spent the majority of my childhood playing dress up and living in an imaginary world full of exciting travels, spectacular balls and visiting the most grandeur palaces. In my head, I travelled from place to place completely ignoring the…

0 Comments / 28/08/2017

Young people are ‘Jacobins with a laptop’: Paul Mason’s must-see play

Following the success of his book Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere, Paul Mason takes the story of modern European protest to the stage to look at how politics has taken us from the overthrow of Ben Ali and the rise…

0 Comments / 25/08/2017

Ukraine’s blind dream of Europe is no choice, it’s their only hope

With US-Russo Relations becoming ever more clouded with mystery since Trump’s leap into the political arena, Ukraine stands as an increasingly hostile issue.   Russian group Open Left see the events in Ukraine as a ‘classic act of imperialist intervention’,…

0 Comments / 18/08/2017