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Forget the 1930s, an unstoppable comeback from the left is crushing the right

Everyone in Europe believed the continent was doomed to experience the 1930s again. With traditional politics out of the picture, rising alternative forces were an exclusive matter of nationalism and right-wing populism. Even after Donald Trump’s victory and Brexit, it…

0 Comments / 14/07/2017

Finsbury Park Attacker: Mentally ill or not, still a terrorist

On Monday June 19, there was a horrific terror attack in Finsbury Park on a group of Muslims going home after the tarawih (the evening prayers during Ramadan). They were attacked by a man who drove his white van into…

0 Comments / 07/07/2017

Shout Out UK ‘Political’ Film Based In Herne Bay Heads to Cannes

The creative team behind One in a Million, a London Film School & Shout Out UK co-production, is heading to Cannes this week with the film playing in the 2017 Short Film Corner.   One in a Million is a…

0 Comments / 24/05/2017

She’ll be back: Macron’s battle has just begun

Do not be fooled, nearly one-third of all French voters opted for everything that their new president is not.   Beating Marine Le Pen in the final round of the presidential election was perhaps the easiest task Emmanuel Macron will…

0 Comments / 16/05/2017

French presidential election: the emergence of a clownocracy

On March 19, 2017, a video was shared on the official Facebook page of François Fillon — the right-wing presidential candidate. The video was a teaser announcing the participation of the candidate in the show ‘Présidentielles: Candidats au tableau!’.  …

0 Comments / 02/05/2017