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4 Tips To Move Your Business Into The Future

The past has gone; the rest is the future. If you’re a small business owner and want to be just as relevant in five years as you are today, then you’ll need to keep one eye on what’s coming up…

0 Comments / 18/07/2017

They See Me Tech Healing; They’re Hating

With modern generations often being depicted staring at their smartphones while sitting next to their friends, it can seem strange to believe that technology can be beneficial for your social wellbeing. The cliché of technology destroying social bridges between people…

0 Comments / 29/06/2017

4 Reasons A Digital Education Is So Important

Children today are in a world that is run by technology. Everything is online, or run by machinery and with an online world comes an online education. That’s not to say that people have to learn online to be qualified…

0 Comments / 02/06/2017

Relying On Connectivity For Your Kids’ Education

It’s a wonderful world out there. We can see, hear, and learn about anything on the planet with a few touches of the screen. No wonder schools are investing so heavily in technology these days. It’s also opening up many…

0 Comments / 24/04/2017

Software Sundae: the Secret Recipe for Creating Popular Mobile Apps

When smartphone technology was getting its initial exposure, many software developers saw an opportunity to use their skills to target a demographic that was just starting to gain momentum. While smartphones were being introduced, phone technology was proprietary and software…

0 Comments / 21/12/2016