Despite the Brexit uncertainty, it’s never been a better time for young entrepreneurs to set up their own business. Technology has made it much easier and more affordable to delve into the world of self-employment. However, some sectors are definitely more lucrative than others.

Here, we’ll look at the top 5 most appealing industries for millennial entrepreneurs.

1. Technology

The number one industry millennial entrepreneurs would do well to consider, is technology. We live in an increasingly digital era and tech start-ups are considered some of the most successful in the world. However, they can also be expensive to get into. That’s where Liberis loans can prove invaluable at securing the funding you may need. There’s lots of different types of tech businesses you can start so research online to see which type you’re most interested in.

2. Door-to-door deliveries

The rise in eCommerce, thanks to the likes of Shopify and Shopwired, one of the best e-commerce platforms, making it easier for people to set up shops has led to an increase in door-to-door delivery services. Customers want things delivered right to their door, whether it’s goods they’ve purchased online, takeaways or gift deliveries. There’s a lot of opportunities in this lucrative sector. All you’ll need is a good delivery vehicle complete with GPS.

3. Influencer Aid

One of the newest industries millennial entrepreneurs should look into is influencer aids. That is, creating products and solutions specifically for online influencers. You could become a personal assistant company for example, helping influencers to manage their busy schedules. Or, you could offer freelancing services such as photography, website design and content writing.

4. Eco-friendly businesses

If you’re looking for a business idea that’s profitable as well as good for the planet, starting an eco-friendly business is a great idea. This could be a restaurant which focuses on serving up sustainable meals. Or, it could be a company which is working to specifically help the environment.

5. Marketing

Another popular option is to set up a marketing company. As most businesses rely on the internet to target potential customers, they need effective marketing strategies to help them do it. As a digital marketing entrepreneur, you’ll never be short of work. The pay can be pretty good too; particularly if you target larger businesses.

These are just five appealing industries for millennial entrepreneurs. Some require more initial funding than others, so this is something you’ll need to consider. However, all of them have the potential to earn you a decent living.