If your business is struggling to engage online, it makes sense to go back to your website to find out more about how it’s succeeding and how it’s holding you back. Your business’s website is the epicentre of its online presence, and for that reason it can’t be ignored when it comes to online engagement.

If people aren’t engaging with your website, you have problems. But these are problems that can be rectified by taking the right steps. No website is perfect so it makes sense to always be looking for ways to improve it and make it more engaging. Here’s how you can do that.

Show You’re Available and Ready to Help

You should show visitors to your site that you’re ready to help them and that you’re available. You can use bots to offer support and answer questions, for example. Simply displaying your contact details and encouraging people to get in touch will also have a positive impact. Show that you’re available and that people are free to contact you; it’ll encourage engagement.

Tell People What You Want Them to Do

 If you want people to click somewhere or to look at something in particular, you need to articulate that to them. That’s where calls to action come in. When you want a visitor to your site to do something you need to tell them and show them where to click. Using calls to action better will definitely make your website a lot more engaging, and it’ll take away any unhelpful engagement that might have been present.

Use High-Quality Photos That Are Specific to Your Brand

Using the right images is another thing that’ll massively improve your chances of engaging with visitors better. When you choose specific images that were taken of your business and its activities, people will find it easier to relate to. Anyone can use stock images, but these never come across as real or engaging because they’re simply neither of those things. Commissioned images that show your business as it really is are always more successful.

Ensure the Overall Design is On Point

The overall design of your website needs to be strong and get the basics right if you want it to be engaging. Use a web design agency if you feel you have big improvements to make. Things like navigation, layout and the basic design elements that make a website look professional and respectable all need to be correct before your site has any chance of being engaging for users. A good design is the basis for everything you’re trying to achieve with your website.

Ensure Your Website Adapts to Many Devices

Your website should meet a very wide variety of needs these days and that’s something you should try not to forget. It’s not the case any longer that most people will be viewing your website on a desktop computer. Mobile browsing has now actually surpassed desktop browsing. Your website needs to have a responsive design that’s able to handle that change. If it doesn’t, your business will miss out in a big way.

Display Your Social Media Links

Your social media links are vitally important to your business when it comes to online promotion. If you want your website to engage more that should start with displaying these social media links. This way, people can follow them and make use of them on a consistent basis. If your business is capable of doing that, it’ll go much further and grow its audience on those social media platforms. That can only be a good thing for your business and its online presence going forward.

 Write with a Human Tone of Voice

You should always try to write your website’s content with a human tone of voice. After all, you want your website and your business generally to have a human presence and not something that’s robotic. If your content comes across badly, it’s not going to be good for you or good for your business going forward, so try to change how you write and make it flow a little more naturally. It’ll make a big difference to your site’s users.

If you take these steps, you should be able to fix a lot of the problems that you’ve been having with your website. It’ll have a more engaging presence online and people will spend more time on your site and take more time to read what you’re saying and what your website has to offer.

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