You may not think it but planning a small event can often be a lot trickier than a big event. This is because you are catering to a more intricate party and therefore sometimes different options are off limits. This is a notion which rings especially true when considering different event venues situated in London. A lot of the best venues are more suited to larger party numbers. This is because their rooms are bigger and they see bigger profit with more people attending. Nevertheless, if you are hosting a small dinner party, then you will be pleased to know that you do have some options. One of the following venues is guaranteed to make you happy.

Hell-Fire Caves

The Hell-Fire Caves can be found in Buckinghamshire and they boast a dining venue suited for 10 to 50 people. If you are looking for a truly unique venue, then rest assured that you have found it. They were excavated in 1748 for Sir Francis Dashwood and they are a huge tourist attraction, therefore this pretty much guarantees you that the venue is impressive. In fact, the caves actually lie 300 feet below West Wycombe Hill — impressive in itself. If a scrumptious dinner underground sounds like it is up your street, then book the Hell-Fire Caves for your venue.

The Household Cavalry Museum

This museum is situated near Trafalgar Square and it has a dinner capacity between 10 and 30. The fact that it is a museum gives away that it boasts a lot of history and intrigue; making the dinner extra special. The actual building itself dates back to 1753. It is a gorgeous venue to say the least. The stonework and craftwork evident in the building is fantastic, and with the history it boasts inside, you feel like you are entering a story book.

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

If you say you have to go to court then it is never usually a good thing … that is unless you are having a dinner at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom of course. This innovative and unusual venue can host between 10 and 60 people for dinners and will certainly cause excitement on your party invitations. From the Assange case, to the Star Wars copyright case; there have been some diverse, exciting and famous cases held here. This is certainly an event venue that is going to shock and impress all of your guests.

Ranger’s House

And finally, the Ranger’s House is situated in Greenwich Park and offers a diner for 10 to 60 people. If you are looking for glamour, luxury, splendour and beauty for your party, then this Georgia Villa is simply fantastic. There are some stunning sights to behold; minute and intricately carved Gothic ivories, a monumental number of breath-taking art and religious paintings, delightful Renaissance bronzes, and much more. This place sets the tone for a very special dining occasion.

If you are looking for impressive event venues situated in London and catering to a small dining group, then one of the four places mentioned in this article is bound to hit all the right notes.

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