There are plenty of side hustles that you can start to supplement your income. You just need to know the best ones.

Money makes the world go round and it’s always nice to have a bit more in your back pocket for special occasions. Getting hold of extra, however, is easier said than done. Sure, most of us work full-time jobs and have a steady income, but what can we do outside of that which could make a little bit more income on the side?

Here are a few ideas for side projects which you can set up from the comfort of your own home, using just your laptop for assistance.

Become a second-hand seller

Have you got a lot of items hanging around your house that you no longer need? Why not make some money out of them and set up shop using one of the many online marketplaces around nowadays? Simply setup your page, take photos of your items, price them up and away you go.

When it comes to postage, any sturdy, flexible plastic which can serve as an envelope will work. Pick up a printer and all the ink and accessories you need — from the likes of Toner Giant — and you can add that professional touch by creating a stylised label and taping it to the front. These little touches will give you a better chance of receiving a positive rating and becoming a recommended seller — it’s also key for printing invoices and any other paperwork you need to send with your deliveries.

Take some surveys

Do you like being asked your opinion on just about everything? Well this could be the side hustle for you! There are several businesses out there who will pay you money for taking a certain number of surveys.

Simply sign up and fill out your demographic information and the survey companies will send you the topics that they would like to hear from you on. Okay, so you won’t make millions from this, but it’s a nice easy activity to do if you find yourself with spare time!

Start a blog

If you have a love of writing and want to share your voice without having to pitch to editors, why not start your own website or blog? The blogosphere has boomed over recent years, and there is real money to be made whether you create a platform online using WordPress, on social media using Instagram or even using video via platforms such as YouTube.

Despite what some people will tell you, making this a career takes a lot of hard work, so you need to enjoy it first and foremost if you want to give this side hustle a go, as success is not guaranteed!


Finally, another one for all you writers out there! If you’re a good listener, possess a lot of patience and can type fast, then you can make decent money in the field of transcription.

From writing out research notes, taking down recorded meetings, to transcribing interviews from journalists, you never know what you might be taking on. It pays fairly well per hour and can be a steady earner once you grow your reputation in the industry.


Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay