Are you about to embark on building your dream home? Perhaps you own some land and want to build a residential property to rent so you can start making some extra cash? Whatever your situation, it’s no secret that building a house is an expensive project to undertake and, with construction costs rising, things are about to get even more costly.

Interested to know how you could save money when building? Let’s look at some ways you can avoid blowing your budget.

Choosing an Architect or A Draughtsperson

The skills of an architect come at a great expensive. If your build is straightforward, you may be able to make huge savings by working with a draughtsperson instead of an architect. A draughtsperson will usually keep things simple and get to work straight away on the practicalities.  An architect, on the other hand, may spend longer than they need to on the creative side of the build, which ends up taking more hours and costing you more.

Future Proof the Plans

Many homeowners are realizing the importance of future-proofing their spaces. If you plan to have kids, build the amount of rooms you think you’ll need now rather than having to build extensions later. If you have an elderly parent or a relative coming to live with you, why not install a home lift and a wet room to make life a little easier in terms of accessibility? Always consult with domestic lifts experts in your area to ensure your development plans allow for easy installation. If you plan to create your own business and work from home in the future, why not incorporate an office into your plans?

Choose A Modular Home

If you don’t have the budget to draw up plans and build a house from scratch, it’s a wise idea to look into a more affordable solution. Modular homes are becoming more and more popular as manufacturers are always making improvements in terms of raw materials and durability. Think you’ll have to make compromises on space and luxury? Take some time to browse modular homes and you’ll see that the luxurious models are anything but basic.

Alternative Raw Materials

The average price of bricks and brick veneer house exterior is always rising, which is a major contributor to the overall cost of building. If council regulations and the conditions where you live permit it, why not consider using alternative raw materials? Cob, rammed, wood and mud brick are just some of the options to choose from.


Self-building is without a doubt the best way to save the maximum amount of money. You’ll save cash when it comes to hiring professional tradespeople and you’ll save time waiting around for each person to sign off on a job before hiring another. That said, you’ll have to consider hiring a professional for those jobs you don’t feel confident doing. Look online and find local electricians, plumbers, carpenters and plasterers in your area and call around to get the best quotes.

Avoid the Boom

Qualified tradespeople are in short supply when building is booming. This equates to longer waiting times and higher prices. Wait until there is a downturn in the construction industry and you’ll enjoy lower prices and shorter waiting times. It’s a win-win.