Getting your new business off the ground is all about marketing it to consumers. A business that’s invisible isn’t going to make any sales. It doesn’t matter whether you’re offering ground-breaking new services or an incredible product; you need to market your firm to achieve the rates of business that’ll make you profitable. As such, here are some quick tips to help you market your company, build a voice online, and get seen by a new generation of web users and consumers who are looking for businesses just like yours.

Online Adverts

Let’s start with the simplest investment you can make in the online marketing space: that of paying for online adverts that target a certain web demographic. You’ll find these marketing services are offered by the big three online advertisers: Google, Facebook, and Amazon. They all have enough data to understand which customers are most likely to click on your adverts, generating you a decent return on your investment in this space.

Remember, though, targeted advertising can be expensive, and it can also be ineffective if your company isn’t the kind of business that’ll generate clicks through this method of marketing. Pay Per Click, or PPC advertising, is perhaps your safest bet, as you’ll only spend cash on those web users who actively click on your advert and are routed through to your site while online.

Using SEO Strategies

If you’re not familiar with SEO strategies, it’s time that you focused some of your energy on learning the ropes when search engine optimisation is concerned. Run this quick experiment: search for your business’ name on Google. Where do you finish? Now search for the products or services that you sell on Google. Can you see your business represented in the search results? The chances are that the answer to that question is a resounding no.

In order for web users to find your business without knowing your name — in other words, to find your products and services irrespective of your brand — you need to boost your ranking on Google’s search results pages. This can be achieved by working with ALT Agency who can help alter your site and recommend tactics to help you get onto that all-important first page of Google results.


Young companies are often started by digital-savvy young people. This is great news because it means that you’ll already have a good idea of what will go viral on social media, and what you might need to do to produce some content that encourages consumers to share and promote your firm online.

If you’re interested in taking this route, it’s time to get your creative workers around a table, bouncing ideas off one another in order to find a strategy that might work for your brand. Whether that’s a free giveaway for sharing and commenting on a Facebook post or a silly video that you hope will be shared thousands of times, virality can provide your firm with a huge marketing boost for very little investment.