From DBS checks to employee input, a little can go a long way to creating a healthy work environment.

The office environment is important as it can affect an employee’s mood and motivation. A positive office environment leads to a happier workforce that does better work. DBS background checks are one thing that contributes to a healthy office. Here you can find the best background checking services. And here are 5 ways to increase employee well-being and productivity, which are key to a balanced team.

1. Do DBS Background Checks for new employees

Bringing anyone new into the office always changes the dynamic. Completing thorough DBS checks on new employees is one way to ensure that the standard is high for new recruits. Background checks look into a person’s history to ensure they are who they claim to be, and are suitable for your role. These checks instil faith in the new hires and save any awkward future moments where a piece of unknown information comes to light. These checks set the bar so that current employees and potential future employees feel privileged to be working for your company.

2. Team Building Exercises

For any team to be effective, they must be able to get along. Why not arrange a team-building day? Get your employees out from behind their desks to interact and have fun! These organised days can help build bridges and foster positive relationships between colleagues. They provide fun memories for the team, and simulate scenarios which can be applied to real-life. The knowledge learned is useful when dealing with future work situations. Team drinks or celebratory dinners are also effective in boosting employee wellbeing and bringing the team together.

3. Invest in your Workspaces

The physical working environment is important when impacting employee happiness and encouraging productivity. Investing in your physical workspace creates an environment conducive to getting work done. A simple upgrade with proven results is having office plants throughout the space. Plants reduce stress and negative moods, boosting wellbeing and performance.

Putting time and energy into curating the perfect workspace is definitely worth it. The office is where your employees spend the majority of their days. Getting their input into decoration, meeting room set ups and even wall colour or artwork selections can help bring a sense of ownership and happiness to the space, boosting the amount of work that takes place inside the walls.

4. Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

A company that promotes a good work-life balance will reap the benefits of having more rested and engaged employees. A Mental Health Foundation survey found that more than 40 per cent of employees are neglecting other aspects of their life because of work, which may increase their vulnerability to mental health problems. Overworking leads to burnout. Stress, anxiety and depression accounts for 12.8 million working days lost each year. Your company should actively encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Ensure that employees are taking their allotted holiday, and adopt the ethos of ‘working smart, not long’. If you lead by example in this area, you’re much more likely to have a team that feels equipped to successfully balance work and home commitments.

When your employees are not overworked they have more time to do activities which nourish them. This improves wellbeing and allows them to return to their desks refreshed and happier. Once rested and fulfilled outside of work, they can bring more of themselves to their work, becoming more engaged, curious and productive.

 5. Give Praise

Never underestimate the power of giving recognition when due. There is nothing worse than working extremely hard, achieving great results, and not being recognised for this work. If someone has done a really good job, if the team worked overtime to get a project completed before deadline, if an employee had a really creative idea which elevated a pitch or campaign, if someone has been a top sales person in the month of September, make sure you tell them, praise them and thank them.

You could highlight an individual’s efforts with a monthly prize that is awarded based on a specific work-related reason. This positive reinforcement will make them feel good, and encourage them to keep working hard to deliver results so that their contributions continue to be recognised. Psychologists found that workplace praise can increase employee morale, motivation and engagement, and can renew their commitment to their manager and the organisation. A little praise goes a long way!

In Summary …

Today’s job market has a wealth of choice and opportunities for job seekers. Companies offer lucrative benefits such as health checks, paid holidays and subsidised gym membership. If you don’t make your company a positive place where people feel supported to do their best work, you are at risk of losing them. Follow the above tips on recognising good work, building team spirit and promoting a healthy work-life balance, and you’ll be in good stead to increase the wellbeing and productivity of your employees. Hopefully in turn, boosting retention rates.