Here’s why self-storage could be the best choice you make for yourself.

If you have come across this sentence, ‘it’s strange how your whole life fits in a garage’, you must be well aware of the most adult life problem encountered by thousands of people living in the UK today: Storage!

‘There are almost 1,600 self-storage sites across the UK, comprising of approximately 45.6 million square feet of self-storage space’ – The Self Storage Association UK

This stat is reflective of the vast number of people using storage spaces in the UK, but when it comes to self- storages prices, most people do not have a clue. What should a space that meets their storage needs cost?

Research carried out by SSAUK (Self Storage Association UK) surveyed what people would expect to pay for a 100 square foot unit per month. The results of the survey showed that 29 per cent of people didn’t know self-storage prices and only 8 per cent of people guessed the correct self-storage prices for their region.

A main factor why people are unaware of the prices of self-storages is that storage needs vary from person to person.  So, the cost your friend is paying monthly for a storage facility might vary greatly from what it would cost you.

There are numerous factors that contribute to self-storage prices such as the size, time period, location, type of facility and any special offers that a storage company may offer. Moreover, some storage facilities like STORED’s storage facility Brighton offer such things as free collection of your stuff and dropping it off on your doorstep when you need it. This alone saves you the cost of transportation.

Let’s have a look at a few factors and how these affect self-storage prices, in more detail.

Size of the storage facility

It is as simple as that, the bigger the facility, the more it will cost you. There is no reason to rent a space 10ft. by 10 ft. if you only want to store your winter wardrobe. This means that self-storage prices reflect how smartly you evaluate your storage needs.

For Example; STORED’s storage facility Brighton has storage units ranging from 12 sq feet for luggage to 200 sq feet for furniture, machinery and bulkier items. They also offer 400 sq. feet+ units upon request for those that need spacious accommodation.

So, there are storage units like storage facility Brighton that cater to everyone’s needs, ranging from small lockers to huge warehouses. As long as you can fit your stuff there is no need to rent a bigger unit just in case you may need to store something else.

You can always shift to a bigger or a smaller unit if your storage needs change over time. Why start paying for that extra space before you actually need it?

Type of Storage Unit

 Another factor that significantly contributes to self-storage prices is the type of storage facility you require. Outdoor storage facilities are generally cheaper but offer easier access to the unit.

On the other hand, indoor spaces are on the pricier end but offer various benefits such as surveillance security and weather control.

So, you can make your decision on which of these pros is more important for you. Opting for the cheaper unit doesn’t necessarily mean it will be best suited for your needs. It could even end up costing you more in case of long-term damage.

For example, a vehicle will obviously be suited in an outdoor storage unit but an indoor unit may be more suitable for your leather goods and wardrobe items, to keep them safe from the weather.

Location of the Storage Unit

When you are looking for storage space, you may start by Googling, ‘storage units nearby’. Most people tend to look for a storage place close to where they live or work so that they can access their stuff easily whenever needed.

However, you need to know that a storage unit right in the middle of the city may cost you more when compared to a facility located away from it. Now, you may think that you may end up spending the money that you saved on rent on transporting the goods if you opt for a storage unit farther away.

This is where units like STORED’s storage facility Brighton come in, that do not charge anything for transporting your stuff and also save you a trip by dropping everything off right at your doorstep.

Similarly, if you pick a storage facility that is far away from where you live and one that doesn’t even offer a door-to-door service, then you might actually be spending the money that you saved on rent on your trips to and from the storage facility. Hence, the price of your self-storage will immediately be higher.


Self-storage prices are so hard to guess because the same facility can cost you less if you are planning on renting for a longer period of time. Many storage facilities offer deals on storage solutions to customers signing a long-term contract.

STORED’s storage facility Brighton offers 15 per cent whole-stay discount to customers storing over six months and students get 15 per cent off their first month if they store for three months or more.

So before you sign a contract for a facility, consider carefully how much time you’d need it for. If you need it just for a month, no need to sign a six-month contract. Similarly, if you need a facility for a year, there is no need to sign a contract for only a few months.

Truth is, no one wants to be moving their stuff every two months, and it is more likely you’ll stick to the same facility even if there is a minor inconvenience involved.

Discounts & Deals on storage solutions

By now you must be aware that there are many other factors that contribute to the self-storage prices other than the flat monthly rental cost. To make their offers more attractive, companies now give discounts and deals on storage solutions.

STORED’s storage facility Brighton offers door-to-door transportation and discounts for long-term users.