Politics is not the first thing that crosses your mind when meeting someone. It’s not even the first thing you consider when eating out or enjoying a friend’s party. However, talking about politics is essential to enrich social relationships and also to understand better how people around you see the society they’re living in.

Learning how to talk about politics effectively is risky, but it’s worth it. Just remember that it’s completely fine to be one of those who avoid this topic, but we also think that it’s good to learn how to bring it to the table without causing chaos.

Don’t try to change minds

This is the first rule you should consider when talking about politics with anyone. Neurological studies have shown that it’s extremely difficult to change our own minds, so don’t even try to change someone else’s.

Avoid starting a conversation about politics just to prove that someone is wrong, as this might be seen as you wanting to change their mind. You might think this person is wrong from your point of view, in that case, try to engage in an informed conversation instead of just trying to ‘be right’.

Don’t pre-judge people

It’s inevitable to judge others on first impressions, but in politics, it’s important to avoid falling into this trap. Try not to pre-judge others just because they admire a political candidate that you detest.

The true act of courage in this matter is listening to that person. Only by listening to their opinion can you become empathetic and understand what led this person to take that political stance.

This way, you will avoid falling into strong arguments that make everyone feel uncomfortable. Always be ready to listen.

Respect above all

Respect is probably the most important value you need to consider when talking to anyone. And this doesn’t just concern politics, but any topic. Even when you are having a conversation about topics like migration or religion, you should show respect. And when it comes to politics, the same rule applies.

Showing respect means that you understand other people’s choices, and their right to defend them even if you don’t necessarily agree with them.

In the same way that you show respect, don’t forget to set your limits when talking about politics. It’s also important that they respect you, so if you feel like you’re being inappropriately offended or insulted, feel free to step back. In the end, your peace of mind is a priority.

Peace of mind before being right

With a world so agitated with politics, it’s still more important to have peace of mind than to be right — especially to avoid arguments that could lead to serious problems.

Therefore, always prioritize your peace of mind and set healthy boundaries when it comes to political discussion. Likewise, don’t forget to appreciate other people’s points of view to make discussing politics more enjoyable.

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