For many homeowners, the idea of retrieving something from the garage will cause a great deal of stress as this space often becomes a dumping ground and somewhere which is cluttered, chaotic and unwelcoming. The garage can be an incredibly useful and handy space with many different uses if you can keep it well organised, so read on for a few tips which will hopefully help you to transform the space.

Wall Storage

Utilising the walls for storage can be a great use of space and free up a huge amount of floor space. Cabinets, pegboards, shelves and hooks will help you to keep a lot of different items neatly organised, visible and easily accessible and free up space on the floor so that you can easily walk around, work on your car or use it for other hobbies.

Ceiling Storage

In addition to wall storage, you can even go a step further and store some items on the ceiling. This can free up valuable floor space for your car, workshop, tool chests and anything else that you keep here. There are many different types of ceiling storage to consider, such as hooks, hoists and hanging shelves. Items can be harder to reach here, so typically it is best for your lesser-used (and light) items.

Tool Chests

Many people keep their tools in the garage, which can be the best place for them especially if you work on your car or use this space for DIY. You need to keep your tools organised and easily accessible, which is why tool chests are a great storage solution for the garage. You can also lock these, which will help to keep them safe and provide important peace of mind.

Foldaway Workshop

If space is limited in the garage even after using these smart storage solutions, you could look into creating a foldaway workshop. Having a worktable that folds away when not in use is a smart space-saving solution that still allows you to use this space for DIY and can make it easy to get around the garage when not in use.

These are just a few ideas for storage solutions for your garage. This could help to transform your garage from a cluttered dumping ground to an attractive, neat and tidy space which could then be used for storing and working on your car, DIY projects and as a general workshop and storage space.