It is easy to get excited at first and then very quickly overwhelmed when thinking about setting up your very own work area. Whether it be for studying, working from home, or just gaming. But if you break it down into smaller chunks, it all seems a lot clearer and easier to focus on.

Where do you put it?

First, you need to find yourself a quiet area where you are unlikely to be disturbed by the usual hubbub of modern life. With many people at home due to furlough, this in itself can be a major challenge.

Once you have found yourself that perfect place, check it has a power supply. Make sure the area is big enough for a desk or bureau for you to work from and for a chair as well. If this all checks out, you’re on to the next piece of the puzzle.

Do you choose a desk or a bureau?

Think about the area you have chosen. Is it somewhere where the door can be closed when you’re not using it or is it somewhere which will be open to being viewed? Do you have sensitive information that you’re working on or studying? This may be better kept tidied away when you’re not there.

A desk can look more modern, and it could be a good idea if you are using a spare room. If you’re looking at using an understairs area or somewhere that will be viewed, maybe a bureau would be better. These can be locked when you aren’t using them, and they tend to have handy compartments to store items in at the top with a fold-down desktop area.

Some have lockable drawers underneath, which is handy storage should you need this. There are many different bureau types available, from old antique to modern-day ones to suit your needs.

If you think a desk is more the type of thing you need, then check to see if you require one with drawers attached or if you’re happy with one where the drawers are a stand-alone unit and can be purchased separately. Also, check out an adjustable table, preferably one with adjustable legs so you can stand at it as well as sit. These tables can help alleviate poor circulation due to sitting down all day.

Pick a chair you can sit in all-day

Choosing the correct chair for you is very important. A chair with adjustable seat height, backrest height, and backrest tilt is a must when sitting down for long periods. Do check when buying your chair. However, make sure that your feet sit firmly on the floor when the chair is at its lowest. Make sure that the seat depth isn’t too deep for you. If your back cannot reach the backrest, you will end up with bad posture and back pain. Also, make sure that the chair is well-padded for your comfort.

Which computer do you pick?

Checking out the best computer for what you are looking for has got to be by far the most enjoyable part of setting up your own work area. You could go somewhere like Lenovo to check out what they have on offer. Keep in mind what your primary use for it will be; whether it be study, work or gaming as this will be the main decider on what type of computer to get.

A few final thoughts

Consider carefully the area you have chosen. Make sure it has a power supply and that it isn’t on the main thoroughfare. Ensure it’s big enough for you to work comfortably in and that there is enough light. Lastly, check that it will accommodate your choice of desk/bureau and chair – Voila!