It’s not easy growing up when you don’t have good grades in school. At some point, during my secondary school years, I felt like I was simply useless because I was always on the border in terms of grades. But when I realized what I wanted to do, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. Here is how I decided to become a butcher, and why it changed my life.

A Future for Everyone

As I write these lines, I have been working as a butcher for nearly three years now. In that time, my whole personality has changed quite a lot, moving from sad and preferring to be by myself, to fulfilled and enjoying talking to everyone I meet at the store. It is easy for me to say today, that butchers’ equipment saved my life from being a complete disaster. Ever since the day I took a knife and started carving meats for clients, I felt like I had a purpose. That is why I am sharing my story, through this article.

I feel like kids are not told sufficiently that there are many professions to choose from, and that not all of them involve having excellent math, English or physical education grades. Of course, you always need to learn, but there are many ways you can be helpful to society by filling a profession that doesn’t require being good in various school subjects. However, if you don’t have a basic foundation work can become quite difficult. As a butcher, I still need to measure and count.

Discover Your Interests and follow Them

I was always a good eater. Let’s just say that I made my Mamma proud when she cooked, as I always emptied my plate. But one day, I thought my steak was not tasting the way it should. Then I tried my sister’s (who hit me on the forearm for it) and found out that, indeed, mine was not tasting right. That was the first time I discovered that I had a real interest in meat, other than wanting to eat it.

Next time I went to the butcher with my mum, I mustered up my courage and told him that the last steak I ate from his shop was not good. I quickly added that the one my sister had was different and tasted just fine. He smiled and said that he would give my mother a new one for free, adding that it must have been the cut that was bad. I asked how … and today I am a butcher myself!