People start a home business to gain financial independence and work freedom. Besides, its flexibility makes it a favoured option for stay-at-home mums. However, Fundera’s research indicates that 20 per cent of small-scale businesses fail in their first year. But you can ensure your business’ success if you know how to project your brand to your customers. That said, here are some cost-effective ways to market your home business.

Embrace social media

Social media is an affordable marketing strategy you can leverage for your business. Not only does it enhance your brand awareness, but it helps you reach a more extensive consumer base without stress. A Sprout Social survey indicated that 90 per cent of customers buy from businesses they follow on social media. Therefore, you may build your social media presence by interacting with your followers and organising giveaways. You may also build partnerships with influencers in your niche and tell a compelling story about your brand. By all means, post compelling content on your posts and use attractive images and videos.

Participate in charity events

Helping your community is ideal for promoting your business. Not only will you present your brand in a good light, but you’ll also get a charitable tax reduction if you give enough. Besides, partnering with charitable organisations gives your brand the needed exposure and pushes potential customers your way. So why not volunteer in a charitable event or sponsor your local sports teams? It’s also prudent to donate to a food bank or organise fundraising to help the less privileged. Moreover, helping your community all year round will keep your business in people’s minds.

Leverage search engine optimisation (SEO)

While having a website for your brand is ideal, you may also invest in SEO. Not only does it boost your organic visibility and website traffic, but it also offers an impressive return on investment (ROI) that’s 12 per cent greater than traditional marketing. Besides, it improves your brand credibility, reaches your target audience quickly, and optimises your user experience. What’s more, it’s affordable, making it a marketing strategy to utilise. For starters, you may improve your title tags and produce relevant and appealing content regularly. It’s also prudent to understand your competitors’ SEO tactics to improve yours. You may also utilise top-notch SEO services for optimum results.

Offer promotional items

Using promotional items keeps your business in people’s minds, making it a marketing strategy to leverage. Besides, it strengthens your relationship with your customers, earns their loyalty, and boosts your brand’s credibility. What’s more, it’s an affordable way to promote your business effectively. For instance, a customer may misplace your business card, but it would be hard to miss a branded mug or water bottle. You can also utilise tote bags, USB drives, and phone covers. Branded apparels, golf accessories, pens, diaries, and sunglasses are also items that will thrill your customers.

It’s prudent to partner with complementary businesses to reach more clients and increase your brand awareness. You can also leverage affiliate programs and discussion groups for the best results. Although these tips aren’t all-encompassing, you may still utilise them to ensure your business’s success.