Having a criminal record doesn’t mean that you are a bad person or that you are some kind of lifetime criminal. With this being said, it can have a huge impact on your future and your career goals. Even if you made a single mistake when you were younger, this could have a profound effect on what you wish to do going forward. There is no way to undo a criminal record once you have one, which is why it is always best that you do everything in your power to avoid getting one in the first place.

Experts in criminal law see this all the time, and sadly there are many youngsters who are good people, who make a mistake and end up finding themselves in legal troubles — and a subsequent criminal record.

To double down on the dangers of this, here is exactly what your future could look like if you get a criminal record.

Jobs Off The Table

There is a wide range of jobs that will either be completely off the table for you or which will be incredibly difficult to get if you have a criminal record. To begin with, you can expect to forget any ideas of working in the legal profession, and that is almost guaranteed. Beyond this, however, you are going to struggle greatly at getting a job as a teacher, within the government, and potentially within finance too. These are good jobs which many people wish to do, but a criminal record will instantly make that more difficult.

The Assumption of Guilt

Whilst it is not right or justified, what you will often find is that people don’t look into why you have a criminal record, only that you have one. This means that even if you were arrested and charged for something like driving without insurance, you will be grouped in with those convicted of worse crimes in the minds of those reading your profile. Sadly, this assumption may dog you and cause you issues in getting a job.

Dangers Around Children

Having children is of course an amazing thing, yet the existence of a criminal record, depending on its severity, may impact how you care for them. This won’t apply to your own children, but if the situation arises whereby you are looking after kids or even supporting the school with events, it may be that you are asked not to get involved. This of course will prove to be embarrassing to you and it is something which should definitely be avoided.

Ensuring Honesty

If you do apply for a job role, it is critical that you are upfront and honest about the criminal record. Firstly, this is so that you can make it absolutely clear what you were convicted of, which will clear up any assumptions. Secondly, it is easier than ever to find out this kind of information, so you may as well get ahead of the curve and show that you are an honest person.

There is absolutely no doubt that a criminal record, for anything, can have a big impact on you and your future jobs, or potential career. Making sure that you stay oan the right side of the law is of course important. It only takes one ill-thought-out action for you to find yourself in legal trouble. The damage this could do cannot be understated. This is why everyone should be careful that they don’t ruin their career before they have even begun one.