Are you the next business success? Being an entrepreneur is all about big ideas and a few basic skills.

Some of the richest people in the world started life at the bottom of a steep ladder, working their way to the top. While many rich people benefit from being born wealthy and with a family with connections, others have had to use skill and intelligence to power their businesses. While there are all sorts of obvious business skills required, some less obvious qualities can carry you to the top.

Here we explore the skills possessed by successful entrepreneurs that you might want to nurture — the secret sauce that could propel you to the top.

Being curious

Entrepreneurs can spot problems, and pain points that others didn’t even know were bothering them. The solution comes, and the problem goes away, and everybody is in awe of the innovation. To this, insight doesn’t take an elevated intelligence, though that helps. Instead, it is a curiosity about people and how things work that does the job. It helps to be passionate about an area of research or business that you can immerse yourself in and become an expert who is happy to step outside the comfort zone of normal thinking.

Being disciplined

Knowing how to use your time is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. Each hour of the day is money that could be made, and some of the top companies chunk up time into six-minute blocks for billing — such is the value they place on the time of their people. It would be best if you were good at prioritising and setting your milestones.

It would help if you also were disciplined with your finances. Valuing the worth of your money while being willing to risk it to back your idea takes discernment. You need to use the right methods for assessing risk and being diligent in vetting people you are trusting with your money.

Being strategic

We would all love to step inside the brain of a top entrepreneur like Musk and Bezos and deconstruct their processes. There is something about their ability to deconstruct a problem and reveal the core issue, seeking the opportunity ripe for turning it into a business advantage. There is creativity in this process and discernment of which opportunities will bring quick reward and pave the way for more speculative endeavours. Taking a fixed budget and turning this into an MVP ready for launch requires a mind to plot the most efficient and effective steps to reach this first milestone before launch.

Being resilient

Rolling with the blows and learning from the failures are essential qualities of an entrepreneur. When defined in financial terms, not every project will succeed, but every project delivers an opportunity to learn and become better. Therefore, you can either get stressed by your defeats or see these minor setbacks that offer rich data for us to do it better from now on. It is all about the mindset necessary to go each day into a world of uncertainty — all outcomes are good outcomes if you use what it gives you in the right way.

Being expressive

At the core of the entrepreneur is a person who can sell a vision. They can be so concise and impactful in their communication that they make it seem commonsense to go with their suggestions. Everyone comes on board with the plan and knows what to do next, feeling proud to be part of something bigger than they are. It takes a strong user of language to gain the sort of followership to build a successful business.

Being confident

Finally, the secret sauce of the entrepreneur is confidence. The entrepreneur has the confidence to network with strangers, building the connections and contacts that will smooth the way for a future venture. The confidence to put themselves into a sales situation, risk having people say no time and again, and maintain the belief that you are right. And the confidence to take your brand out in the world and demand recognition