With the expenses of modern-day life slowly creeping up, everybody is looking for new ways to save money. This has been at the forefront of people’s minds for a while, but especially since the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic caused millions of people to lose their jobs.

Whether it’s searching for online discount vouchers or finding the cheapest utility provider, there are plenty of easy ways to cut costs. Sometimes it takes some careful consideration and research to find the best deals, but it’s worth investing a small amount of time to make significant savings.

Whether you’re a start-up business owner with a tight budget or an everyday consumer looking to cut your spending, consider these innovative tips.

Switch to Road Diesel

If you drive a vehicle and you don’t give much thought to the costs, you might be overspending on your fuel. The prices of fuel from one station to the next can vary massively, and the specific type of fuel you use also makes a difference to the total price you’re paying to fill up your tank.

Huge savings can be made by buying DERV in bulk. This type of fuel, also known as white diesel, is supplied in oil depots across the country and provides increased miles per gallon compared to other fuel alternatives.

You can also get emergency fuel deliveries of DERV fuel, so you’re not left waiting for a top-up when you’re in need!

Shopping around for the cheapest providers of DERV near to your company’s location can save you a bunch of money, and all it takes is a quick search online.

Reduce Your Water Usage

Do you leave the tap running while you’re brushing your teeth? Do you take long, steaming hot showers? Do you put the washer on when it’s only half full?

If you’re guilty of doing any of the above, you’re probably using more water than you actually need. Try cutting down on your unnecessary water usage and your water bill will take a dip too.

It’s also a good idea to shop around and see if other water providers are offering better deals. If so, it might be time to switch companies so you can reduce your monthly bills.

Water meters often work out cheaper than a fixed monthly fee. If you have fewer people than there are bedrooms in your home, it’s likely that using a water meter will be much more cost-effective for you.

There are additional benefits that come along with using a water meter, particularly if you have a large family or if one or more household members suffer from certain illnesses.

Change Where You Shop

You might love luxury brands. You enjoy splashing out on designer handbags or buying expensive jewellery. While it’s okay to indulge in premium products occasionally, you could save a lot of money by switching to cheaper brands to buy your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Try finding cheap and sustainable online clothing brands or purchase from second-hand shops to find cheap deals. This way, you can get multiple items for the same price as one of your designer pieces.

The same applies to your food shopping. If you usually shop at the more expensive supermarkets, you could be spending way more money than you need to.

While you’re getting your weekly groceries, go for the own-brand products instead of the more expensive branded options. Most of them taste almost identical, but they’re significantly cheaper.

Check Your Gym Membership

Admittedly, the majority of people who sign up for the gym never end up using their membership. They sign up, feeling motivated to get back into shape, but then life gets busy and the months go by. Before they know it, they’ve already paid for six months of their membership without having set foot in the gym.

If this sounds just like you, it’s probably time to assess whether or not it’s worth continuing your membership. It’s all good telling yourself you’ll go to the gym ‘soon’ and it’s worth keeping the membership ‘just in case’, but you have to be realistic.

Take time to reflect and consider whether or not you think you’ll end up getting enough use out of your gym membership to justify the monthly payments. If not, ring your gym or go onto their website and cancel your subscription.

If you’ve signed up for a fixed 12-month contract, read over the terms and conditions and try to find a loophole that could help you get out of it. For example, long-term or unforeseen illnesses may provide grounds for cancellation.