Many bloggers struggle with where to start when marketing their blog. Should they spend time trying to improve their SEO? What about social media? There are many tools out there that can help you grow your online presence and make the most of every hour you spend blogging.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best digital marketing tools for bloggers so that you know what is available!

Landing Page And Emails

First off, it’s essential to define what a landing page is in the context of our discussion. A landing page is usually defined as the web page you send traffic to when they click on your Ad or link (e.g., Facebook ads). It can also be used for email marketing and events like conferences. Here, people are handed out fliers with links directing them back to your site for more information. This tool acts both as a stand-alone website builder and an application platform inside WordPress so you can build pages without having any special technical skills at all. You don’t need to know HTML coding, PHP programming language, CSS style sheets, Javascript scripting. There’s also no FTP access required by users —everything happens through intuitive drag and drop tools.

The lead capture tool is an online application that helps collect email addresses from website visitors. It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool that can be installed on any website in minutes. It doesn’t require any special technical skills or coding knowledge. Once you have the lead capture tool installed, you can start collecting email addresses from your website visitors by adding a few lines of code to your web page(s). The device will automatically detect when someone visits your site. It then triggers them to enter their name and email address to receive more information or download a free resource. You can also use the lead capture tool to create custom opt-in forms with embedded videos, images and social media buttons.

Both of these tools are essential for any social media marketer. They can help you gather more leads and create better-targeted content for your followers.


Digital marketing tools for bloggers are essential to help your blog grow your SEO (search engine optimization). An SEO agency can help you with the crucial steps of keyword search. In addition, these agencies will help you create more relevant content for your audience. Remember to focus on quality content over quantity, and make sure that all of your posts are interesting and engaging to read!

Social bookmarking tools allow users to save and tag web pages. Users can then share their bookmarks with others on social networks, blogs, or via an email newsletter. This helps marketers build the brand’s online presence and authority. It also helps increase traffic through search engine optimization.

Pay To Expose

One of the simplest ways to increase your blog traffic is using paid ads. You can use these tools at any time, but they are beneficial when you’re starting out and need more exposure fast!

There are many different types of paid search programs that you could use. However, I want to discuss some examples with a solution for everyone.

Suppose your blog focuses on how-to content or reviews. In that case, product listing ads could be right up your alley — this program helps put products in front of people searching online. For example, if someone searches ‘how do I get rid of acne?’ retailers will pay an Ad fee. Hence, their results appear above organic search results.

If you’re a food blogger, Google Adwords for restaurants can help get your content in front of people looking for dining options close to them. And suppose you have a blog about current events or politics. In that case, the program can place targeted ads on your website that match your readers’ interests.

Online Presence

In today’s world, social media is a must-have for businesses. It can help you get in touch with potential customers and satisfy your loyal ones. The only problem that many companies face when using this marketing technique is the lack of knowledge about it or its benefits. Big corporations already know how much money they could save by investing in such campaigns and, more importantly — what kind of people buy their products (and which ads work best to attract them).

Smaller businesses need time to learn all the advantages of this type of marketing, so don’t expect too much from them right away. However, if done correctly, word-of-mouth advertising on social platforms may be beneficial to gain popularity among the target audience.

Let’s Go

With a little bit of time and effort, you can reach your goals for building an online presence. The tools we’ve outlined should help you get started on the right foot and take control of how your blog looks at any given moment in time.