As we become more conscious about the influence of our behaviour on the future of the planet, more and more people are starting to travel more responsibly.  A number of measures can be taken to minimize the impact of travel on the environment. From buying and shopping locally whenever possible to purchasing CO₂ credits to offset your flight when you apply for your visa. Here are some tips to make a memorable holiday in Canada a responsible one.

Reduce your CO₂ footprint when applying for your eTA Canada

Of course, not flying is the simplest way to reduce your carbon footprint, but if you want to travel to Canada from the UK, flying is obviously the most realistic option. Still, there are a number of things that you can do to make your flight more sustainable and reduce your CO₂ print. For instance, you can choose an airline using renewable biofuels, or book a flight without stopovers, since they release a larger amount of CO₂ due to multiple take-offs. Another thing you can do is support organizations like Groenbalans or Greenseat. These kinds of organizations invest in climate projects that enable you to compensate your carbon footprint. If you click the CO₂ offset option when applying for your eTA Canada, you will pay an amount based on the distance of your flight, and this amount will be donated to these organizations.

Use green transport

Flying less — or more responsibly — is not the only thing you can do to minimize your CO₂ footprint. Once at your destination, you can see if there are alternative means of transport: travel by train if you need to cover long distances, use public local transport or hire hybrid or electric vehicles when visiting cities. Biking is also another great way to get around and have a more up-close experience in each location. Otherwise, you can simply stroll around and spend more time at every destination. Take your time in order to get to know the surroundings. This can offer you a more unique experience than just travelling from one place to the next.

Consume locally

Sustainable travel does not have to stop with reducing your CO2 footprint. Even though it is often an important part of it, responsible tourism also encourages travellers to improve the lives of locals. For instance, you can shop and dine locally. You could also support the local economy by buying souvenirs from local artists. This way, you will help to leave your destination a little better than you found it.

Travel off the beaten path!

Avoid common tourist destinations and explore the wilderness and beauty of the great Canadian outdoors. You can do this by yourself or by contacting one of the many Canadian travel agencies specializing in trailing and sustainable travel. While delivering carbon-neutral adventures for their travellers, they make sure that their destinations retain their natural character and cultural diversity by ensuring the places you visit and the animals that live there are respected, as well as the local indigenous communities.

eTA Canada application

When applying for an eTA Canada, you can make a more conscious choice by compensating the CO₂ emissions of your flight to Canada by supporting projects that reduce these emissions elsewhere. You only have to click on the carbon offset button and depending on the distance of your flight, you will be charged a certain amount that will be used in climate projects which compensate for the calculated amount of CO₂. Of course, this is a choice and not a mandatory requirement when applying for the eTA Canada.