Want to go on an epic road trip? Below are a few long, scenic and challenging routes from around the world that could be ideal for your next road adventure.

Route 66

Route 66 is arguably the most famous highway in the world. The historic US route stretches from Los Angeles to Chicago, taking you through various states and cities. There are so many weird and wonderful roadside attractions along this route including the spray-painted cars of Cadillac Ranch, The Blue Whale sculpture of Catoosa and The Gateway Arch of St. Louis. You’ll also pass by various amazing natural sights such as the Petrified Forest and Blue Hole of Santa Rosa. There are plenty of motels along this route and places to stop for food and fuel. Most people spend three weeks completing this route.

Trans-Canada highway

The Trans-Canada highway stretches 7476 km through all ten provinces of Canada. It’s one of the longest highways in the world, so you’ll want at least 20 days to complete it. You can stop off at cities such as Quebec City and Winnipeg along the way and take in many quirky roadside attractions including the Wawa goose and the Volkswagon Spider in Kenora. Along the way you’ll pass through mountains and around lakes, experiencing various climates. It’s worth looking into RV rental in Canada so that you’ll always have somewhere to stay along the highway, as there can be some fairly empty stretches.

Route 1 (Iceland)

Route 1 is a ring road that encircles Iceland. You can drive around it in as little as three days. However, most people spend a week driving it in order to take in all the sights. Along the way, you’ll find canyons, hot springs, waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers. It’s one of the best routes in the world for taking in natural wonders. You can rent a car and stop off at AirBnBs along the way.

The Big Lap (Australia)

Similar to Iceland’s Route 1, The Big Lap takes you around the entire coast of Australia. As you can imagine, this is a very long route — about 15,000 km (there are a few ways to vary it up). Most people take at least three months to complete this route because there’s so much to see and because of how long it is. All of Australia’s major cities can be accessed along this route and there are many stunning natural sights worth making a detour for. Renting an RV will ensure that you’ve always got somewhere to sleep.

The Hokkaido scenic byway

There are many great driving routes across Japan. However, Hokkaido has some of the most scenic byway routes taking you through mountains, flower gardens, snowy landscapes and marshland. Attractions such as the Ainu museum can teach you all about the history and culture of Japan, while there are plenty of urban sights to see in Sapporo. Hire a Toyota and plan stops along the way in advance.

The Mongol Rally

The Mongol rally is both a road trip and a race. It traditionally started in London and ended in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia — but modern variations of this race start in Goodwood and finish at Ulan-Ude, Russia to avoid the high travel fees of entering Mongolia. Most teams take three to four weeks to complete the Mongol Rally. If you’re taking part in the annual race, you’ll need to raise money for the entry fee and raise some charity funds. Of course, you can always do your own unofficial Mongol Rally if you just want to treat it as a road trip.