Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day. It can benefit your long-term health, and help you in the short term, too. However, a lot of today’s youth (and many other age groups, in fact) leave it out of their daily routine — not because they don’t know about it, but because they don’t care about it. This puts a huge amount of strain on their bodies which can lead to serious health problems. Here is how your lack of breakfast is affecting your health, and how easy it is to get back on track with your three meals a day without so much hassle.

How to make breakfast easier

Breakfast does not need to be a three-course meal. It doesn’t have to be pancakes, it doesn’t have to be a fruit salad with a side of poached egg on toast, and it doesn’t have to be gourmet or professional cooking. What it does have to do is provide you with energy for the day. For example, the energy found in an oat-based recipe. By looking up delicious porridge recipes on the Mornflake website, you can enjoy a delicious, filling breakfast with little fuss — and you’ll also easily incorporate a superfood.

How does it benefit you immediately?

Everyday life has become increasingly demanding, and over recent years it has also become strenuous, difficult and filled with pressure. The hustle culture is starting to sweep the world, and it is not healthy. This means that you need to remain true to what your body tells you to do.

Breakfast provides you with a good amount of energy to start the day, and by missing it out, you are going for hours without food which can cause serious issues with your stomach. It can also help you concentrate, help you fight dangerously low blood sugar levels and help you keep a more evenly paced diet throughout the day — which can lead to better sleep and a healthier body. This can be a huge step in the right direction and can help fight headaches and migraines, make you feel a lot more in tune with what is happening around you and it can keep you feeling healthy — especially if you have a job that is very physically demanding.

How does it benefit your long-term health?

In short, it just might save your life. Eating breakfast might not seem such an important part of your routine now, but you will regret it in the future if you don’t. If your morning routine doesn’t allow time for breakfast, then eat smaller snacks instead. Cut up an apple the night before, and warm up some porridge on the stove while you are getting dressed. It will improve your chances of avoiding devastating diseases such as type two diabetes and heart disease.

The importance of breakfast cannot be understated. Having your breakfast today (however small it might be), can help you move towards a better tomorrow without any of the added stress.