Online meetings and gatherings are sometimes inevitable. When you’re gaming with your friends or face-timing your favourite relatives abroad, you need a good communication program. But which platform is the best for communicating?

In this article, we’ll go over two of the most popular VoIP apps: TeamSpeak and Discord. Read on to understand what the benefits of using each program are and which one best meets your needs.

Discord vs. TeamSpeak: Which Platform to Choose?

If you’ve been sitting on the fence for days, trying to decide whether to download TeamSpeak or Discord, we’re here to help. After all,  being good at communicating professionally on Slack or any other communication app can be tricky! You probably want a platform that works well, but which of the two is right for the type of meetings you’re planning to have?

Both TeamSpeak and Discord are great for virtual group chats, and they can help you excel in your gaming sessions, lectures, and more. However, there are some differences between the two programs that you should be aware of. That said, we’re here to explain exactly how the two software solutions differ and help you choose the one you need. Let’s start!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is famous for its outstanding voice quality and gaming-friendly design. The platform is used in e-sports leagues because multiple speakers can simultaneously talk throughout a game without a problem. Furthermore, with the platform, users also have the option to connect to a preexisting server or create a new one. Both of these options are great, especially if you have a good proxy for TS3 to keep you safe online.

Compared to Discord, TeamSpeak has the following advantages:

  • TeamSpeak’s voice quality is amazing! With this program, you’ll hear the comments of each and every one of your teammates clearly and pave your way to victory.
  • The program doesn’t have as many features as Discord, and that’s a good thing. Its design is simpler, which means no game lag!
  • Thanks to the in-game overlay, users can have access to TeamSpeak in the midst of a gaming session. This means that text chatting and changing the program’s settings are possible while you’re playing.

Here are some disadvantages of using TeamSpeak:

  • The platform doesn’t have as many chat features as Discord. Depending on your personal chatting preferences, you might like this or find it limiting.
  • If you don’t have the hardware for hosting a server, you’ll have to pay to host one through TeamSpeak.

Pros and Cons of Using Discord

If you’re looking to just socialize with friends and strangers online, you should check out Discord. Although the platform was initially the go-to option for gamers, its community has expanded over time. Today, Discord is the home of different groups, making the platform seem like a social media network. If you think Facebook has many disadvantages, you can still be a part of great online communities by using Discord.

These are some of the advantages of using Discord:

  • You can use the program and host a server for free! In case you want to have an even better experience with the platform, you can upgrade it!
  • Discord’s text chat system is more advanced than that of TeamSpeak. When chatting with others, you can spice up your conversations with gifs, emojis, and all kinds of files!
  • On Discord, you can share your opinion on just about any topic! The platform has many different communities that will be glad to have a new person join them!

The two main disadvantages of Discord are the following:

  • Compared to TeamSpeak, Discord’s voice quality is not that good. This is especially noticeable when many people talk simultaneously, which might jeopardize your team’s game strategy.
  • The program collects user data like images, voice and text chats, and email addresses. That said, it’s completely up to you to decide whether it’s the best VoIP program for you.

The Choice Is Yours!

Ultimately, when choosing between TeamSpeak and Discord, you’re deciding between a predominantly gaming-oriented platform and one great for socializing. However, whichever program you choose, don’t forget to get a proxy and protect your online privacy!

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