Thinking of getting a new job? With the cost of living increasing and wages not keeping up, while the jobs market remains buoyant, changing jobs is currently one of the best ways to secure a pay rise.

A potentially lucrative area that many people are considering is the Trades sector.

Trades are becoming more popular amongst job-seekers

In an October 2021 survey by City Plumbing, a significant number of UK adults admitted to considering a career in trade and construction — specifically, 12% of those surveyed; which equates to some 3.7 million people. The top trades being considered were plumbing (11%), building and construction (8%), and electrics (6%).

What are the most in-demand trades and why are they so sought-after?

2021 research from insurance comparison site QuoteZone cited in Insight DIY that carpenters, builders, cleaners, electricians and plumbers were the most in-demand trades, with overall trade jobs increasing by a huge 63% during the pandemic.

There are lots of reasons for this increase. With the pandemic receding and plenty of people flush from saving during 2020 and 2021, tradespeople are in hot demand as homeowners look to extend their homes and refresh their rooms.

The industry is also experiencing a skills shortage due to Brexit and a lack of skilled workers, compounding issues. Many homeowners are trying to get jobs done now to prevent the value of their funds from being eroded by inflation.

How to start your trade career the right way

If you are planning on changing careers, make sure you have everything in place to guarantee success.

First, get properly trained. There are many schemes available from the government, including apprenticeships. These can be boosted by getting some work experience with a local tradesperson — don’t be afraid to ask.

You’ll also need the right equipment. For instance, if you want to become an electrician or builder, ensure you have the right hole saws and core drill bits. And if you’re looking for a career in roofing or plastering, then get a quality trowel, hawk, and featheredge.

If you’re thinking about changing careers, a trade job could be a lucrative and safe employment choice.

Which trade profession would you choose and why?

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