Whether it’s a summer break or a long weekend, there is something about a road trip in the UK that creates heightened excitement. A RAC survey saw a significant increase in the miles travelled during school holidays, with 11 million leisure road trips planned last year as a way to relax during students’ well-earned break. Going on a road trip is a great way to take in amazing sights, enjoy delicious food and snacks, and engage in the local culture. While you can certainly go on a long drive on your own, it’s more fun if you go with your friends from university so you can bond and have new experiences outside the campus.

With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to kick off your first epic UK road trip. By the end of this article, you’re sure to get in gear and take to the open road for an adventure!

Planning the Itineraries

First off, it is important to save quite a considerable amount of money to have flexibility when it comes to choosing your destinations. A good rule of thumb is to bring around £100 to £200 for a long road trip to cover all planned and unplanned expenses, while still having something left in the budget for souvenirs. Aside from clothes, electronic devices, snacks and medications, there’s not really much else to bring, so the best course of action is to avoid bringing non-essentials and pack as lightly as possible. It is also worth planning stops in between to ensure a smooth ride.

Travelling Options

Preparation is a must for students looking to make the most out of their first road trip, and it’s also crucial to stay safe on the road. But the thing about travelling on highways and roads is that no matter how well prepared an individual is, unexpected inconveniences and emergencies can occur at any moment. Thankfully, travellers can take advantage of the various benefits offered by a towing company. From averting accidents to immediate response, to an emergency and everything in between, the cost of towing a car is worthwhile given the service it offers for drivers and travellers. Another option is to skip the stereotypical road trip model of travelling by road and utilise the country’s hybridised transport options available instead. This may include travelling by bus, train, or flight if driving by car seems too much of an effort.

Local Attractions in the UK

The United Kingdom has a long list of road-tripping destinations that feature meandering rivers, windy roads, and scenic mountains. Some of the best routes to take for a road trip include the Yorkshire Circuit in England, North Coast 500 in Scotland, the Coastal Circuit in Northern Ireland, and the Atlantic Highway in England, to name a few. Not only do these destinations make for some pretty cool selfies, but they can also serve as an avenue to meet new people and create special memories together. Given the flexibility that road trips provide, there are endless opportunities for exploring small towns and destinations for off-the-beaten-path adventures.

There’s no better way to get an authentic taste of British life than on a road trip across the United Kingdom. With so many things to do and endless sights to see, road trips in the UK are hugely rewarding and give an invigorating feeling of adventure.