Deciding on a career can be one of the most difficult choices you make in your life — often emphasized by how many people switch up their trade, work odd jobs until they find something they like, or fall into a certain career path they had no real idea they would be a part of.

There’s nothing wrong with having a vocation or working jobs instead of curating a career, but if you do wish to take that path more seriously, it’s good to know how to get started. Well, we can’t tell you what you might be interested in, and certainly not how you should focus your talent. We can, however, help you to consider the best way forward, such as by analyzing just how much potential a certain career path offers.

Now, not everyone wants to be a top-level CEO, and only some people even have the chance to. But opportunities within a career path mean much more than just this, they can also give you the chance to do good, work on interesting projects, and enhance your craft so that perhaps one day you can run your own initiative.

With that in mind, please consider some of the following advice:

Can I advance upwards or laterally?

It’s good to see what career opportunities you have when going forward, and what specialisms you could push towards. For instance, Origin Legal will show you a range of excellent opportunities should you consider a solicitor’s career path, helping you work in a variety of disciplines all across the world. Moreover, if there’s little room for upward growth, might it be that the skills you learn can be applied in various disciplines? Such an approach could help you with more flexibility in your forward path.

What lifestyle does it offer?

It’s important to remember that working to live and not living to work is often ideal, but what kind of lifestyle might that even provide you? A hybrid role could potentially let you work from home for two days a week, allowing you some time to recover from your in-office days, work in your home office, and enjoy further flexibility which could be great for new parents. Always ask this question, because ultimately you will be able to consider a way forward.

What are the opportunities to travel, and move to new locations?

It’s always good to consider what travel opportunities might be available to you, and the value of following them. If you have the chance to take your technical knowledge overseas and consult with a few specialists to help grow brands, then that can be fantastic. If you want to get into market research because of its constant revolving effort into penetrating new markets, sometimes abroad, then that can be worthwhile too. Travel is often listed as a primary motivation for many people seeking jobs, or at least skills with transferable potential, and so if that sounds good to you, it may add a filter on the kind of careers you wish to choose from.

With this advice, you’re sure to assess the best possible opportunities on your career path.