Since the pandemic, more of us, especially young people, have shifted away from the desire to climb the corporate ladder and instead have attempted to turn our passions into our day jobs. But while it may seem like an unachievable dream, the reality is there are several hobbies and passions that you could transfer to a lucrative and enjoyable career.

Here are some ideas of how you could transfer your leisure interests to something you actually get paid to do, and what to consider before making the switch.

What to consider when turning a hobby into a career

Firstly, test the concept of turning your hobby into a career by doing it as a side hustle first. You don’t want to leave a secure job for a career you don’t yet know is feasible and will support you financially. You also want to make sure you have enough savings to keep you afloat, as starting a new career may mean taking a bit of a pay cut initially. It can also help to build your brand early on, whether that’s with a website, social media channels or word of mouth, to help you hit the ground running when you start your new career.


Gardening is an activity that has been proven to be beneficial for our mental health, and it’s active so you’re improving your physical health at the same time — something not many career avenues can boast. If you have a green thumb, enjoy spending time outdoors and are looking for a calming, relaxed job, a career in gardening could be for you.

From pruning and weeding to keeping lawns trimmed and planting new trees and plants, working as a gardener can include various activities, keeping it interesting daily. Aspiring gardeners may want to take on one-off jobs in their local area to build up clients or take on some courses to build up their knowledge.

Flying Lessons

Flying is a dream for many, but wouldn’t it be even better if you were paid to do it? An aviation career is a whole lifestyle wrapped up in a career, and it’s certainly a job that offers excitement and the opportunity, naturally, to travel which makes it an appealing prospect. Pilot training isn’t for the faint of heart, so taking some flying lessons beforehand can be a great way to see if you enjoy it and are prepared to go through the training process.

As a pilot, you get to see the world, enjoy some of the best views of any career, and it offers a very good salary. Plus, there’s the opportunity to keep learning in this job, keeping it fun and exciting throughout your career journey.

Events Planning

If you’re the go-to person in your friend group to organise a night out, or you love to handle the details for a surprise birthday, you may want to consider a career as an events planner. Events planners are keen organisers, with an eye for the details and a passion for bringing people together. They handle all the smaller elements that are necessary for an event to run smoothly, from booking caterers and entertainment to finding venues and inviting guests, all within the limits of the budget.

You don’t necessarily need any qualifications to become an events planner, though getting some experience working on events can help you understand what the job entails. One of the best ways to get started, if you want to build up your own business in this industry, is to reach out to people you know to build up a portfolio.


Gym enthusiasts and sports fanatics can appreciate the role that keeping active plays in a healthy, balanced life. But being paid to inspire others and help people reach their fitness goals is a wonderfully rewarding way to earn a living. It can be very fulfilling to see people build their fitness and see progress in their own health journey, so you may want to work one-on-one with people or host fitness classes to engage with multiple people at once.

Personal trainers can either work for themselves, for gyms or even do virtual fitness classes, depending on how much flexibility they want in their work. And while you don’t need formal qualifications, having certifications to back up your experience can help give you credibility and instil trust in your clients. If a career in fitness sounds appealing to you, it could be worth asking local personal trainers if you can shadow them for a few days to see how they work.

We spend more than 3,500 full days working over the course of our lifetimes, so it makes sense to find something we love to do. Thinking outside the box and finding a way to weave our interests into our day job can make earning a living a more enjoyable experience and can lessen the stress and tedium that we often feel when doing a job that doesn’t align with our values.