If you are a small business owner, you will know that gaining a competitive edge and building your business can be a monumental task. The world of commerce, regardless of the sector of operations, is highly competitive, with trading now taking place on an international scale thanks to the rapid growth of e-commerce and the internet.

It is important that all small businesses cultivate a strong web presence so that they can reach a worldwide audience with their products and services. In fact, having a professionally designed and slick website is recognised as being a vital part of any modern business in 2023. However, having a well-designed website will not necessarily lead to increased sales and market prominence. Small businesses must take steps to gain more traffic to their website which can then be translated into sales. In this article, three key ways to boost your web traffic levels will be explored.

Consider an internet marketing agency

Many small businesses only have a team of essential staff for their operations, and there may not be any tech or IT experts in a lot of small firms. It is important to understand that boosting your web presence takes time, patience and expertise. If you do not have suitable team members who can develop and improve your website so that it is search engine optimisation (SEO) ready and has a strategy for developing the number of backlinks to its pages, then it may be beneficial to seek help from experts. Internet marketing agencies such as clickintelligence.com will be able to offer clients a broad range of services that can be tailored to help their websites grow and receive increased levels of traffic. This can include boosting the SEO of their web pages by obeying best practices in web and content creation, to generating backlinks from other authoritative websites to yours by submitting high-quality content and articles to these sites.

Create engaging content

If you are not seeking to utilise expert help in your web design and online marketing activities, it is important to focus on creating high-quality content yourself across every web page. For example, on your product pages, you must have high-quality pictures that display your products perfectly combined with excellent descriptions. Put simply, a potential customer will be dissuaded from making a purchase if they see low-resolution images and poorly written product descriptions, as these can instil perceptions of poor quality in what they are seeing. In addition, it can be valuable to write regular blog posts and articles on your website. These should engage the reader, be written in an appealing language style and be made to fit with your target market’s interests and values.

Harness social media

As a final key point, it is incredibly important to recognise the power that social media channels can have in directing traffic back to your website. For example, the social media site Instagram has over 1.4 billion regular users every month. By creating tailored, short-form, promotional campaigns on this channel that appeals to your target market and linking back to specific product pages, you can gain a substantial increase in web traffic for a relatively small level of expenditure. In short, this can be a vital way to improve your web presence whilst also improving your sales figures.