Studying different aspects of politics is one of the most important and difficult tasks one can take on at college. Whether you want to enter academia or the world of politics directly, getting an education in political science at a good university is highly important, especially if you’re new to the discipline.

Understanding a political system and the beliefs of different political parties while analyzing the rise and fall of political leaders seems interesting, right? Well, if you have the right teachers and access to a good education system, it can be easy to learn about politics.

Here are the top 6 political science colleges and universities in the UK where you can start your learning.

University of St. Andrews

Located in Scotland, the University of St. Andrews is home to some of the best political science courses across the EU. Their most popular political science course, International Relations, allows students to explore a wide variety of subjects in the realm of global politics:

  • Foreign Policy
  • International Organizations and Regimes
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Political Theory
  • Terrorism and Political Violence

Students taking these courses have a heavy workload, which is why they sometimes use essays help online from experts in the industry. Gaining theoretical insight into areas within political science on a global scale allows students to combine book learning with research-based knowledge in order to shape their future in the discipline.

University of Oxford

In the world of education, Oxford is a trailblazer. The university’s Politics and International Relations department is renowned throughout the world for its stellar academic work in the discipline as well as for the roster of well-accomplished political pundits as well as leaders in the industry. The department’s highly respected staff consists of experts who have learned the history of UK politics and aim to offer their knowledge to other students, in English and other languages. Students who are in need of translation services can reach out to PickWriters. The courses taught by the department include two Master’s degrees and a four-year doctoral program.

University of Cambridge

Human, Social, and Political Sciences, the political science course at Cambridge, include social anthropology, politics and international relations, and sociology. This multidisciplinary degree allows students to gain insight into education in international politics while emphasizing the local governance in the UK and other nations in the EU. This wide-spanning course often causes students to be extremely busy with academics, leading them to take the help of the best writing services online. The courses pay special attention to learners looking to gain an undergraduate education with access to numerous literary resources and staff with the highest expertise.

London School of Economics

Originally a school of economics, LSE is a globally-renowned platform for students looking to gain skills in political science and economic thought. The M.Sc. in Political Science (Political Science and Political Economy) allows students to specialize in schools of economic thought and advanced political science with equal emphasis on both areas. Political Science is highly necessary in the modern world. Wondering why? Here’s some more info. The multidisciplinary degree focuses on theoretical and practical learning, together with methodology.

King’s College London

One of the few colleges in London providing a range of popular choices for students pursuing a Bachelor’s education, King’s College London is a great option for anyone looking to get into political science. The single honours course lasts three years and provides students with a fulfilling and wide-spanning course covering theoretical knowledge in global politics, political theory, and practical learning. While originally starting as an economics course in political education, the BA and B.Sc. Politics courses at King’s College London compare the different dynamics between politics and economics.

University of Warwick

Last but not least, the University of Warwick offers a BA course in Politics and International Studies for students at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. This school is a top choice because of its great professors and research work.

To Conclude

While looking for a good college to pursue a political science course can be difficult, it is not impossible. Especially not with the help of well-wishers who have more knowledge because of their experience in the industry. Do plenty of research and keep in mind the different courses that you have access to before deciding on a final one. Another tip is to apply to as many colleges as possible.


Author’s Bio:

Charlie Martin is an expert in political education with a special focus on the UK. He has penned a series of articles recommending the best courses in politics in the region. His works have greatly helped his customers, both high school and undergraduate students.