The challenges of career progression feel real to many. Being old or young doesn’t matter; everyone faces obstacles when they are striving for progression. Overcoming these barriers leads to fulfilment and forward momentum, yet the question of how to get the job done is highly debated.

What are these primary obstacles, and how exactly can they be surmounted?

A Lack of Professional Skill Awareness

So many people can walk the walk while falling short when it comes to talking the talk. Instead of asking, how can I bring my absolute best to a potential career move, you should be asking; what is a professional studies degree? This course is designed to enhance what you already know and scaffold it with all the things you never knew you needed to know. After all, in 2023 there is a stark competitiveness in the land of work that is difficult to navigate for anyone. These roadblocks cause people to stumble at the first hurdle and neglect further attempts to get back up again.

A lot of what is stopping you from propelling into the next big opportunity is your lack of professional skill awareness. Professional skills are essential, and they are there to complement your accumulated core education and experience thus far.

No Direction

Without a goal to manifest, there is very little hope of getting what you want. Sit down and question what you really want and how you are going to make it happen. A lack of direction is a dangerous game to be playing, and one to avoid if you wish to find your niche and acquire the top career spots. Whether you are looking at branching out and moving into something new, or you want to move on from your junior position, having something to aim for is essential.

Confidence Deficit

If you do not believe in yourself, how can you ask someone else to? Sometimes, all it takes is one person to recognize your potential, but this is a highly romanticized notion and very rarely a realistic one. You must decide your own fate and build your confidence from within. This means creating a scope for your own development in which you feel comfortable and figuring out exactly how to conduct yourself in a professional environment. Walk into a room as if you belong in it, and people will start to tune into your unique brand of magic.

The Fear Prison

Unlike a lack of confidence, feeling afraid is an entirely paralyzing thing. If you find yourself locked in a prison of anxiety and self-doubt, the only way to unlock the door and never look back is to engage with your roots. Go back to the drawing board, pinpoint the common denominators, and decide how you will spring from the ashes victorious. Your capacity to succeed and get what you want is controlled by you. Working hard is not going to cut it; you must transcend the confines of your self-imposed limitations and leave the fear behind.

There are so many challenges to career progression. From being thrown into a highly competitive arena to not understanding the true demands of a high-tier professional position, there is a lot to learn and now is the time to do it.