Unmissable stories for the Curious-Minded

  • The King’s Speech promised legislation to create a ‘smoke-free generation.’ The number of children using vapes has trebled in the last three years, rising to 20.5 per cent for 11-to-17-year-olds who have tried vaping.
  • Amidst controversy, the Prime Minister has agreed to a pro-Palestine march on Armistice Day, honouring the right of the people to protest peacefully.
  • Disagreement prompts truth. Research suggests that media literacy improves when people from different cultures and with different beliefs fact-check together. Findings show that being paired with someone from a different culture results in more careful scrutiny of social media posts and a willingness to revise one’s initial viewpoint.
  • Could hydrogen be the answer to a cleaner, decarbonised, environment? Hydrogen gas burns easily and unlike wood and fossil fuels, produces no climate-altering carbon dioxide when released into the atmosphere – only water vapour. So why aren’t we using it? One challenge is that the ‘greenest’ methods for extracting pure hydrogen remain ‘wildly expensive.’
  • A 1932 Picasso titled Femme à la montre sold for $139 million, making it the second most expensive artwork by the artist to be sold at auction.
  • Mental health takes a backseat. As many as 50,000 people were sectioned under the Mental Health Act last year, with black people being four times more likely to be committed against their will. Despite much-needed reform to the Mental Health Bill, the government did not include it in the King’s Speech. Chief Executive of Mind, Dr Sarah Hughes finds it: ‘incomprehensible that legislation which would help people at their most unwell has been de-prioritised.’

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