Some people have a spine of pure steel. They radiate an inner strength that makes you believe in them, even when things are at their worst. These people seem to have an unshakeable belief in themselves that makes them the person to turn to for all things, both good and bad.

So, what composes that inner strength? Confidence. Confidence in yourself, in your abilities, and your resilience. If you’re confident that you can make it through anything, then you’ll go straight through life with an inner strength that empowers your every step.

But how do you go about building up such an inner strength? You start with these top tips:

The Confidence to Make the Changes You Want

For some, making any changes to yourself (physical, mental, or even emotional) is admitting defeat. It’s as though noticing things that you don’t like about yourself is somehow a failing in self-love and acceptance. While you absolutely should work on accepting yourself as you are, there comes a point when change is necessary. After all, people with crooked teeth don’t feel bad about getting braces or retainers to fix them. So you shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to get necessary cosmetic surgery.

Feeling confident in how you look plays a huge role in your overall confidence and, as a result, your inner strength. Do you need a hair transplant to gain that inner strength? No. But if it’s something you want for yourself, then having the confidence and resilience to get it done no matter how embarrassed you might feel or what negative emotions you may have is a strength.

It takes strength to change things. This is true for big, complex aspects such as your future, and for small simple procedures like going to for an FUE transplant. Baby steps, however, are the way to go, every time.

Positive Beliefs

If you believe that everything’s going to work out, then you can maintain the right attitude and perspective needed for everything to materialise. Sometimes all you need is positive self-talk. Other times, you just need a positive attitude. When you let negative thoughts and emotions rule how you see the world, you’re going to miss the opportunity to get out of that negative cycle. So shake yourself up. Even if it feels like you’re faking it, start being more positive. Sometimes this just means taking a moment to look up at the sky and appreciate its beauty. In other cases, it will mean paying more attention to the good things in your life. Either way, there’s always some good to be found, so look for it and hold tight to that.

The Strength to Let Go

Lastly, you need the strength to let go. Sometimes things just aren’t working and won’t work no matter how much you want them to. Holding on to those relationships, jobs, situations, and more is only going to drag you down. It can be hard to admit defeat, but cutting off dead weight will often be the best way to free yourself. It takes strength to let go, but sometimes, it’s the only way forward.