Is West Africa turning against Democracy? Following recent coups in Niger, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Mali, new governments and supporters have soundly rejected Western influence, expelling French diplomats from the countries and waving Russian flags at political rallies. In this episode, journalists take us to Nigeria, where violent extremist organisations are capitalising on deep-rooted resentment against former colonial rule to expand recruitment and support. Experts delve into the history of anti-Western sentiment in West Africa and how violent extremist organisations are exploiting current events, from the War in Gaza to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, to amplify their own messages and energise their bases.

Media Minded explores the frightening world of misinformation and propaganda. Now in its fourth season, each episode tackles a new facet of the fight against violent extremism in West Africa. Aided by the rapid invention of new information and communication technologies, terrorist organisations have devised new ways to recruit and train members, and upend local communities with deadlier and more destructive tactics. Through interviews with leading counter terrorism experts, journalists, psychologists, and organisations fighting extremists in their communities, this series equips listeners with the knowledge and successful strategies to counter radicalisation at home.

Presented by Matteo Bergamini MBE

Season 4 of this podcast is made possible thanks to the kind support and sponsorship of the US State Department’s Global Engagement Centre.