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Grenfell: How The Media Reacted

In the aftermath of the Grenfell attack there has been a significant difference in how the media has covered both the tragedy itself and the protests that have bubbled up in the aftermath. There have been three main strands in…

0 Comments / 20/06/2017

Insular Media is What’s Tearing this Country Apart

Our media consumption shapes our personalities and our worldview quite considerably. We consciously select the news channels, newspapers and online websites from which we form our opinions and understanding of the world. However, to say that the majority of us are…

0 Comments / 13/06/2017 /

The Disconnect Generation: Young people’s vision for a better country

At the heart of much of this election has been ‘young people’. ‘They haven’t grown-up yet’; ‘They don’t understand the real world’; ‘They’re susceptible to this lefty hoo-ha’; whilst simultaneously, they are also ‘the future’. Will they actually turn-up and…

0 Comments / 08/06/2017

Studies prove technology damages health

Throughout the United States, university professors and students spend hours conducting research and collecting data, in order to further help themselves understand the human mind and body. Research topics can range from youth obesity to medical advancements and cures, but…

0 Comments / 19/04/2017

Death of the Fourth Estate: Partial truth, portioned truth … lies

It is easy to put up examples from The Guardian or The Huffington Post and say ‘look, media bias!’ but these organisations are not news organisations, they’re opinion blogs with a lot of money. The Guardian for example describes itself…

1 Comment / 11/04/2017