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Daily Mail: Britain’s true rulers

When Prince William went on his skiing holiday, he would not have conceived that he would be roasted as a ‘slacker’ from the press.    The Duke of Cambridge was the latest target in the age in which we now…

0 Comments / 20/03/2017

Journalist survives 18 years in notorious prison

One of the world’s longest incarcerated journalists, Muhammad Bekjanov, has been freed after spending 18 years in an Uzbek jail.   Bekjanov was held in one of Uzbekistan’s most notorious and feared prisons, Kagan. A prominent journalist and advocate of…

0 Comments / 02/03/2017

The media: celebrity witch hunters or society’s moral compass?

In a recent press conference, President-elect Donald Trump has come out vociferously, criticising the media — more specifically BuzzFeed and CNN — for their allegations that Russia may have incriminating evidence against him.   In response to these allegations, Mr…

0 Comments / 17/01/2017

Trump’s First Press Conference: Remaking America

‘Fake News’ and ‘Garbage’ were the words Donald Trump used to express his disgust at CNN’s and BuzzFeed’s blunder.   In his first press conference since July 27, the President-elect conceded that Russia was behind the hacking of some democratic…

0 Comments / 13/01/2017

Censorship: Our malevolent friend

Blood, violence, sex; give it to me neat or don’t give it at all, because a half-truth is more dangerous than a blatant lie.   It is undoubtable, as we are constantly told, that we now live in the ‘information…

0 Comments / 16/12/2016