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BIOGRAPHY: James Taylor – When you need a friend

Chloë Moloney ‘sheds a little light’ on American musician James Taylor   Musicians are being snatched out of our hands, day by day. The gleaming names which arc over the ’60s, ’70s and right on through into the ’80s are…

0 Comments / 31/10/2017

Meet The New Elite: Britain’s alternative ‘truth-tellers’

The wealth of information available at our fingertips and the constant stream of global news, allow us to be a more conscious and informed society than ever before. While many of us correctly use this extraordinary opportunity, to marvel at…

0 Comments / 25/09/2017

How we became: Generation Dipsh*t

Shakespeare wouldn’t make it now, if he did he’d be on CBB, have a clothing line and be a rep for FitTea.   I remember when I was younger, I’m guessing it was about 2010, and I inappropriately watched Ricky…

0 Comments / 11/09/2017 /

Diversity gives hope, but Shows like The Vampire Diaries kill it

Time and time again, I hear people complaining about how others react to a lack of representation in the media. They say that those who insist on every show or book being racially and sexually diverse are just being ‘sensitive’….

0 Comments / 30/08/2017

Aid and development spending: Why we’re fed up with giving money

Following World Humanitarian Day, AidEx looks at the three key areas of influence imperative to rebuilding the international development and aid sector’s tainted reputation in the UK.   The total sum of charitable giving by Brits last year amounted to…

0 Comments / 24/08/2017