SEO is the lifeblood of a lot of companies, especially if you’re an online business owner. With increase use in technology, consumers are making it easy for businesses to target their key audience. Whether you’re an artisan who sells your masterpieces online or you’re a blogger looking to get more traffic to your website, SEO is the perfect solution. Investing in an SEO agency like Digital Uncut is a great way to outsource your non-traditional marketing needs so you can spend more time running your business.

What is SEO?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is about helping search engines understand and present your content according to Google’s SEO Starter Guide. Good SEO is based upon crawl accessibility so search engines can read your site, capturing shareable content that accurately answers the searcher’s query and earns links, citations and amplification, the use of keywords optimized to attract searchers and search engines, fast loading webpages and compelling UX that create an ideal user experience, as well as title, URL and meta descriptions that draw a high click-through rate in the rankings.

SEO has an edge over traditional marketing because it’s easier to get in front of your target audience. People that are searching for the best car insurance companies in their local area are more than likely looking to purchase car insurance. Whereas in traditional marketing, you have to do a little more digging to find people that are interested in your product.

How can an SEO agency help you?

According to Google, SEO experts are trained to enhance your business’ online visibility on search engines. They provide practical services like reviewing your site content or structure, give you technical advice on website development, can provide a plan for content development, manage your online business development campaigns, handle keyword research, give SEO training and give their expertise in specific markets and geography.

SEO agencies work with your business to establish the best strategic direction to make sure SEO is aligned with your business’ goals. Keyword planning is crucial to creating a strategy as it identifies what your customers look for when searching for your products or services. Digital Uncut provides short and long-tail terms that make sure the traffic to your site is relevant and valuable. Another integral part to building a strategy is doing great research. It’s best to understand your competitor’s SEO activity because that will give you insights into how to develop your strategy.

An excellent SEO agency should provide you with an in-depth website audit review your site’s technical configuration, architecture, content, UX and links to point out any technical or content issues.

SEO content for your business’ website is a way to ensure your site will rank high for your target keywords. This calls for natural, consistent, high-quality content to beat your competitor’s rankings. An agency can also help your business with the ‘consistent’ part it takes to produce content on your site. It usually set up as a blog. The content helps to build natural backlinks to your page to keep searchers on your site.

Some agencies give you access to their Rolodex, ready to enlist a social media influencer to promote your brand and provide natural backlinks.

To make sure they’re always hitting your target goals, Digital Uncut uses Supermetrics with Google Sheets, Data Studio and Slides to produce custom reports tailored to your needs. These reports are updated and available whenever you need them.

Maybe you do not have a website, but you would like one. Some agencies provide web design services that keep your SEO needs in mind. They can perform research to pinpoint your audience as well as create a custom-made wireframe that makes sure its structure will propel conversions. By taking the lead on designing your website, SEO agencies make sure your brand is correctly communicated through the website design while making sure the formatting and layout of the site reach its best SEO potential. Once the website has been designed and approved and they build the site on a reliable content management system like WordPress or Shopify, the agency can fill you business’ website with engaging content. Before launching an agency can test and review the site on desktops, laptops and mobile phones to check for system errors or malfunctions that could potentially disturb or completely ruin the user experience.

If you need graphic designs for social ads, you would like to integrate the graphics to your website, or maybe you’re at the beginning stages of your business and you need help figuring out branding for it, your SEO agency can whip up designs that perfectly align with your business’ brand or creatively help guide you in the right direction toward realizing the brand. They can design and create logos, adverts and web pages that speak to the brand. They’ll work with you creatively to discover the brand’s identity. They could also develop social ads for social networks like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Facebook and Instagram are designed differently, which calls for designing ads specifically for those social networks that effectively drive a high click-through rate and build awareness about the brand. With LinkedIn, the agency may look at how B2B companies market themselves and design LinkedIn ads that are created to help your business expand.

Tips To Finding The Perfect SEO Company For Your Business

According to Business Matters, it’s not enough to check the company’s portfolio. You should also ask to see the websites they’re currently working on. Another thing to look for are the testimonials. Make sure they have decent reviews that give you insight into how they work as an agency and how they work will with their clients. One other important thing to look for is hiring within your timezone. Though it’s tempting to hire an agency not in your timezone or country, it’s really important to make sure the agency has roots and understands how business is done in your country.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay