Outdoor learning spaces at schools are both fun and functional. This makes the decision easy for your school PE programme to include fitness equipment that can provide a full body workout for people of all ages and abilities, thereby significantly enriching the overall experience of both students and teachers. It is now Lockdown 3.0 in the UK and outdoor gyms are closed. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot dedicate time and research towards these unique systems for future use. With many options for how to design your optimal outdoor gym setup, you will be hard pressed to fail in finding the right combination to fit your programme’s specific needs and budget.

Innovative Education

Using outdoor gym equipment for schools is an example of progressive thinking in terms of the school curriculum. Giving teachers and students a way to combine creativity with traditional educational techniques, sets them both up for being a part of a well-rounded school experience. Making fitness both fun and accessible is a notion that has been popping up not only  in schools, but professional settings as well. The health and wellbeing benefits afforded to students who are exposed to outdoor gym equipment for schools also lend themselves to their in-class studies. Taking time for movement and fresh-air breaks throughout the day gives students an opportunity to continue to learn, and remain engaged, while simultaneously providing them with the freedom to experience the equipment through their own design and plan.

Collaborative Planning

Making the decision to incorporate outdoor gym equipment into your school’s PE programme might have been made by only one person or many. However, planning the type of equipment to include can be a more collaborative process. Traditionally, a school’s board of advisors will be responsible for deciding on large budgetary items and/or changes to the learning process. However, leaning on PE teachers and other professionals in that department, as well as the student body, can give you a perspective that may be useful when trying to set your school up with equipment that fits best in line with your overall goal. Empowering your teachers to be included in the decision-making process will also generate excitement towards creating lesson plans. By encouraging your staff to contribute ideas and experiences to this addition, you are showing them that you value their team input.

Interpersonal Development

Indoor classroom settings do not always allow room for students to work on their interpersonal relationships with one another. Education is by nature a structured experience and it is rare that students have an opportunity to freely work together, learn how to problem solve independently, and create teamwork relationships amongst themselves. Outdoor gym equipment for schools is a great example of a way to promote interpersonal development through non-traditional learning. Kids and adults, of all ages and abilities can take advantage of the inclusion of outdoor gym equipment in their school’s existing PE programme.

Combining physical fitness with education helps teachers teach life skills that may not be found in a textbook. Students benefit from this by having their skills enriched though practice and not just information retention.