We are confident that people far and wide have felt the pandemic’s impacts in some way or another. Whether you have lost your job, lost a loved one, or feel as though you have no direction, this last year has been a tough one.

The same can be said for university students, who are soon to be graduating. While one cohort has already gone into the big, wide world without a ceremony to send them off, a further one is soon to follow.

Following years of hard work, graduating in the middle of a pandemic appears terrifying, we know. While it can seem like a mountain to climb and that you have limited options, we are here to help! Keep reading for what you need to know and consider when graduating from university in a pandemic.

Ensuring Your CV is Up-to-Date

To impress the recruiters whose jobs you are applying for, you need to have an up-to-date CV detailing your skills, experience and qualifications. Whether you choose to create an interactive CV or one that is unique to the role that you are applying for, is entirely up to you.

What is essential is that you express interest in the positions that you are applying for and emphasise the experience that you have, detailing what makes you an ideal candidate for that job. What’s more, you want to create a compelling and eye-catching document, which will make you stand out amongst your competitors.

Contemplating the Options Available

Thinking about the future can be scary and can lead to feelings of unease and uncertainty when you don’t have a solid plan of where you will be heading after university. There are several options available to you as a graduating university student, including the likes of further university courses, going into a job, or landing yourself a position on a graduate scheme, such as the ones provided by the Civil Service and many others.

The Treasury Graduate Scheme is an excellent way for university students to get their foot in the door in the world of politics and policymaking. To find out further information about the graduate scheme and how you go about applying, head to the linked website.

Keeping Positive and Upbeat

It can often feel difficult doing this, especially when receiving rejection after rejection. Regularly reminding yourself that you are not alone in this process will help make things appear a little easier and ensure that you remain resilient. Just remember that thousands of people like you are in the same position.

Talking to friends or family about how you feel will alleviate the stress you are experiencing, and requesting feedback on applications that you have been unsuccessful on will give you a better idea of what you need to change for further applications.

Also, you must remind yourself that this situation is temporary and one that is, unfortunately, out of your control. By keeping active, searching, and applying for courses, jobs, and graduate schemes daily, we are confident that you will find what you want in no time.