When it comes to hair removal, you have many different options at your disposal such as waxing, laser treatment, shaving, and using hair removal cream. But, which one is the best?

Keep on reading to discover more about the options that are available to you.

Methods of Hair Removal

One of the most common methods of hair removal is shaving. A lot of people prefer shaving because it is painless. However, it does only last for one to three days, and there is the possibility of ingrown hairs as a result. If you’re booked in at a parlour with the best tattoo machines because you want to get inked soon, then shaving can be the kindest form of hair removal in the build-up.

Waxing is something that lasts a lot longer, usually between three and six weeks. Some people find this painful, and there is the possibility of getting an infection around the hair follicles. However, the more often you wax, the chances of infection are reduced. Nonetheless, bumps and redness are common side effects of waxing.

Electrolysis is another approach. This is ideal for small areas, like the upper lip, as it can take a long time. Hair removal cream is popular as it is pain-free. However, it does not last very long, and those with sensitive skin should avoid it.

Finally, most people will agree that the best option for hair removal is to visit a cosmetic skin clinic for laser hair removal treatment. This is a process of permanent hair removal, and while it may cost you more money initially, you will save a significant sum in the long run. Most people have to undergo about six treatments at least. Laser treatment is also less painful than waxing, and since the results are permanent it is much more effective than any other option of hair removal.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal treatment works when a laser, which emits a light beam with a very specific wavelength, is targeted at either the follicle growth centre, called the hair bulb, or the melanin in the hair, or both. When the light penetrates the hair follicle, it destroys it at its roots while ensuring that the skin surrounding it is preserved. Melanin refers to the material that gives colour to either skin or hair. When the beam is directed on this area, it passes through the skin, and then the melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the beam.

Laser hair removal is more effective on those that have light skin and dark hair. When the hair and the skin colour are very similar, some lasers can become confused, and this reduces the effectiveness.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you cannot benefit from laser hair removal. It simply means that you need to choose a cosmetic skin clinic with a great amount of care. Make sure they utilise a medical-grade laser and that the clinicians are experienced. You should also research the clinic online to ensure that they have a good reputation. Moreover, if your hair and skin colour are similar, there is a chance that you could require a greater number of treatments.