Receding hairlines and bald patches can happen to anyone. It’s never nice to notice that your hair is thinning or losing its bounce and shine, and often people can become self-conscious and upset if they’re facing these issues. While many things can cause hair loss, there are also ways you can tackle the problem. If you’ve been worried about the state of your hair recently or have noticed bald patches, here are 4 things you can try.

1. Hair Transplant

For those who are losing their hair or have a dramatically receding hairline, a transplant could be the answer. These procedures are very common and one of the benefits of this surgery is that it makes a permanent change. There are different methods used by specialists and you can discuss what’s best for you at your consultation. To find a hair transplant in the UK look online for specialist clinics, as well as further information on this kind of hair loss treatment.

2. Shave Your Head

This might sound extreme, but a lot of people who are facing hair loss find shaving their heads is a great way to feel like they’re taking back control. Shaved heads are also more fashionable than you think, and many people are experimenting with this look in general. This method of dealing with thinning hair might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly worth considering and won’t cost you much to maintain it!

3. Make Some Lifestyle Changes

If you want to slow the process of hair loss, you might need to make some lifestyle changes. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins A, E, and B to boost your hair’s health. Vitamin A helps to promote the production of sebum on your scalp, whilst vitamin B can help enrich its colour. Vitamin E also helps with your circulation, which is important for hair growth.

Getting enough exercise is another way to boost your circulation; also, eating a protein-rich diet will promote healthy hair and reduce hair loss. You might also want to consider if there’s too much stress in your life, as this could be a contributing factor to your hair loss. If so, find a way to resolve those problems or start to use mindfulness techniques to help calm yourself down.

4. Avoid Excessive Heat and Drying

Applying too much heat to your hair will damage it, so if you’re using a hair-dryer every day or curling irons, try to stop. Also, if you are facing thinning hair avoid roughly drying it with a towel when you get out of the shower and let it dry naturally instead. If you can, don’t brush when it’s wet either. Or if you must, use a wide-tooth comb. The reason for this is hair is weaker when wet, so by not pulling on it and tugging at knots, you’re less likely to break it or pull it out.

It’s never easy to face up to the fact that your hair is thinning or falling out, but sometimes it’s better to embrace the scenario. Use the above points as a useful guide and find the right option for you when it comes to dealing with hair loss.