With the rise of Covid across Europe and the globe many people are opting to travel over land for their holidays, rather than flying. Car hire and train travel have become more popular ways to explore places a bit closer to home while airports and flights are a less desirable option. If you are planning a trip away, it is best to be prepared. Check the local travel guidelines on the country or countries you wish to visit, as well as the recommendations from health authorities in your own country. No matter where you are travelling to, planning your trip carefully is the best way to get the most out of your time away, particularly in 2020.

Best Places to Visit in Europe

Europe has some of the most beautiful cities and prettiest landscapes in the world, and has plenty to offer both adventurous and more relaxed travellers. Many European countries offer a superb mix of old, historic buildings alongside contemporary spaces, and a well-developed travel infrastructure that makes getting around easy and comfortable. Whether you have just a few days to spare or a couple of weeks for your hols, European countries have something for everyone and are well worth exploring, no matter what kind of holiday you enjoy. Foodies, in particular, have lots to discover when it comes to dining out in Europe — from French wine and cheese, to pizza and pasta in Italy or olives and tzatziki​ in Greece, European cuisine has more than enough to keep your taste buds happy.

City Breaks & Beach Holidays

Cities such as London, Paris, Rome and Athens make great destinations for weekend breaks, while the beaches of Greece, Croatia and Spain are ideal for anyone in need of a week by the beach in the sun. Southern Italy has the best to offer when it comes to food and stunning coastline, while the Spanish islands of Mallorca and Ibiza will suit any holidaymakers in search of beach bars, parties and nightlife. Spain is a hugely popular place among British holidaymakers in particular. It has plenty of busy resorts with lively bars and markets, as well as quiet spots to enjoy if you are looking for somewhere relaxed and peaceful.

Interrailing in Europe

The close proximity of European countries to one another makes it a popular place for longer backpacking trips. Interrailing is especially popular among students and is an affordable way to see lots of different countries in one trip. Europe has an exceptionally good railway system and train tickets tend to be considerably cheaper than plane tickets. For instance, trains from London to Amsterdam can cost as little as 35 quid. Train travel can be far more relaxing than flying as you don’t encounter the hassle and stress of airports, plus, you can enjoy the view while en route. Train travel is also a more sustainable way to get around and produces significantly less carbon emissions — a big benefit for anyone who wants to lower their carbon footprint and live in a more sustainable way.

Planning a Trip in 2020

When planning a trip in Europe, it is a good idea to either purchase a guide book or research sights and activities online. Shops and museum opening times may vary depending on the country and day (and Coronavirus), for example, and doing some planning in advance will ensure you catch all the attractions in the area. Top tips for holidaying in Europe in 2020 include: 1. Plan and do your research, both in terms of local attractions and Covid regulations; 2. Find the city or area that best suits your holiday preferences, and finally; 3. Consider travelling by train or car instead of flying.