The UK has a population of over 67 million individuals, and its National Health Service covers the healthcare of the majority of its citizens. Eighteen per cent of the income tax paid by employed residents is used by the British government to provide health care services.

The UK operates a universal health care system through the NHS. Most residents have access to free medical coverage through their national insurance contributions or through the benefits system if they do not work. However, the NHS is experiencing considerable strain, especially following the pandemic, causing many individuals to seek private insurance.

Health insurance is a product designed to cover the costs of healthcare when they arise. In the UK, Health Insurance 247 provides private medical insurance cover to supplement the public medical services offered by the NHS.

Health insurance covers the treatment cost of varying medical conditions by either private or public healthcare providers. Today we’ll examine the benefits of the National Health Service (NHS) and private health care providers in the UK.

How the UK Health Care System Functions

The NHS is a completely socialised health care service provided by the British government. All medical appointments and treatments are free at the point of delivery, and the costs are covered through income taxation. Not all services are free, however, and medication requires payment.

On the other hand, private insurance covers part or all your medical bills if you opt for private treatment. One unique fact of private medical insurance is that you get to select the level of care you receive, how it’s given, and when it should be provided.

Individuals can combine both NHS and private health insurance for optimum medical coverage. Receiving private treatment without the NHS can be excessively expensive, especially for severe medical conditions.

Medical Services to Cover

As explained, not all medical treatments or medications are covered by the NHS. For instance, dentistry and optical services are severely limited in their scope.

For private health insurance, the cover you get is based on the medical insurance policy you purchase and the company you purchased from. One organisation that can assist in selecting the best medical cover for you is HealthPlan.

Healthplan provides various health insurance services to suit residents of the UK and their families. Having a private policy to cover medical costs outside of the NHS has helped many residents get timely and comfortable treatment.

Aside from ensuring residents stay healthy and enhance their health whenever they have an ailment, health insurance has impacted patients in the following way:

1. Protection from Life’s Unexpected Events

Advanced medications used to treat cancer are often very expensive, and some of them are not yet available on the NHS. Private healthcare can allow patients to benefit from advanced and experimental treatments that are not yet available to the general public.

Once these treatments have proven their worth in the private sector, they are very often made available on the NHS, which is an example of the two systems complementing each other.

2. Access to Healthcare Services on Your Terms

Public health services such as the NHS are essential in giving citizens access to basic medical services for little or no cost. Things like paediatric visits for individuals with small children or medication for chronic conditions such as diabetes are almost always provided by the NHS, as opposed to private policies. Such services play a huge role in securing the health of the nation as a whole.

Private health insurance, on the other hand, can also provide services to individuals based on their personal choices and preferences.

3. Driving Citizens Towards Healthier Living

Health insurance companies often bundle their policies with special features designed to incentivise individuals to develop healthy living habits. Apps, health checks, clubs, and healthy living consultations are all employed by insurers to promote healthier lifestyles. In doing so, they can also work towards decreasing their premiums in future years.

4. Enhancing the Quality of Clinics and Hospitals

Both the British government and private health insurance firms have geared efforts towards developing clinics and hospitals in the United Kingdom. This has ensured improvement in health care services across the board.

Patients and insurance providers can select good health plans based on the quality and services engaged in a particular hospital. Health insurance focuses its attention on the quality and comprehensiveness of the services provided to residents of the United Kingdom.

Final Words

Health insurance has impacted most residents in the UK positively by helping to advance the field of medicine and by sharing the burden of the National Health Service in reducing waiting lists. The benefits insurance provides for those who decide to purchase a policy cannot be overemphasised. Suppose you’re seeking to complement the health insurance provided by the NHS with private medical insurance in the UK. In that case, Healthplan is available to take you through selecting a policy and providing the best insurance cover.