What is that one thing in your body that can instantly change your look? Yes, I am talking about our hair. Everyone loves long lustrous hair locks. But is it easy to have and maintain those? Definitely, no! Our hair plays a significant role in defining our appearance. But, our hair suffers many things from pollution to infections.

The internet has many remedies for healthy long hair, but it is difficult to say what works and what may result in disaster. Everyone has different textures and hair quality, so one thing might work for one hair type but may not work for another. People are trying various products and treatments to provide the much-needed nourishment for strengthening their hair. One of the new-age hair products is CBD oil.

How CBD Oil Benefits Your Health

CBD oils are cannabis plant extracts. Each CBD oil has different chemicals and depends on the plants from which the oil comes from. The cannabis plant contains several chemicals that define its properties. Two major chemicals are CBD and THC. CBD and THC interact with the body’s natural cannabinoid receptors, and this interaction impacts functions such as controlling hunger, managing sleeping patterns, etcetera. Some benefits that make CBD oil a hot-selling product include:

  • It is an option to manage epilepsy syndromes
  • It helps in reducing PTSD symptoms
  • It is beneficial in treating opioid addiction
  • It helps in calming anxiety and its symptoms
  • It helps ease diabetic complications
  • It helps in protecting against neurological diseases

One of the hidden benefits of CBD oil is its beneficial properties for hair. This property is recently gaining popularity among people.

CBD Oil To Strengthen Hair

Our modern lifestyle has impacted our bodies in many ways. One such impact of this new age is visible on our hair. Our grandmothers still have healthy long locks in their eighties, and here is our generation suffering from hair loss problems in our twenties. Hair problems such as brittle hair, no length, hair loss, premature greying and damaged hair, are common these days. Even kids as young as ten go through hair loss and premature greying.

While some people face hair issues because of genetics, most others struggle with them because of their lifestyle. There are several reasons behind so many hair issues. Some of these factors are harsh weather conditions, rising pollution, being surrounded by mobile signals, an unhealthy diet, deficiency of nutrients and no time for exercise. Using heat tools frequently, washing hair with harsh chemicals, and not massaging your hair also result in hair loss. While our hair goes through so much throughout the day, it deserves extra care and nourishment. But our ever-busy schedule doesn’t allow us to take care of our hair, which is why most of our haircare regime depends on salons. It is better to pamper your hair than to fill it with chemicals, naturally.

The cannabis world is growing dynamically. Its increasing legalization has helped more people enjoy the benefits without the fear of legal complications. The growing popularity of cannabis products serves as an opportunity for business, and a range of cannabis products are now circulating in the market. CBD oil is one such product. Some of the benefits of CBD oil for hair strengthening include:

1. CBD Oil Helps Promote Hair Growth

Sometimes, damage also hampers our hair growth. In such cases, CBD oil helps promote hair growth. The secret behind this benefit is its magical ingredients. CBD oil contains many elements, and some of them are great for hair nutrition. Some of these ingredients are Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 — essential food for our hair. They help seal the hair’s cuticle and lock in the moisture. This moisture, along with crucial nutrients, gets absorbed in the scalp and stimulates the process of hair growth.

2. CBD Oil Helps In Managing Hair Loss

Hair loss is a sensitive and subjective issue. There can be several underlying reasons behind hair loss, such as menopause, harsh chemical treatments, extreme stress, chemotherapy, etcetera. Some reports suggest that CBD oil can help manage hair loss. As explained above, it helps stimulate hair growth which helps to contain the rate of hair loss.

Experiments suggest that using CBD oil regularly helps in increasing blood circulation. It also helps remove harmful toxins from your hair and provides essential nutrients to hair follicles.

An unhealthy scalp also results in hair loss, and one can manage it with CBD oil. CBD oil creates a healthier environment on the scalp by suppressing inflammation. A healthy scalp better absorbs essential oils and promotes hair growth. Stress is also a significant factor in defining hair health. CBD oil helps relax and manage anxious thoughts, which in turn helps manage hair loss caused by stress.

3. It Prevents Hair Damage

Environmental factors such as pollution, dust, heat, and a sedentary lifestyle make our hair dull and brittle. Weak and damaged hair is more prone to breakage, which results in hair loss. Frequent use of styling tools makes the scenario even worse for your hair. CBD oil helps repair damaged hair by providing essential nutrients to your locks. Its ability to lock moisture helps treat the dryness of hair. This property also enhances the appearance of our hair by making it shinier and smoothing any rough texture. It helps to provide nourishment to your hair and keeps it hydrated. It also effectively cleans the scalp enabling it to absorb essential nutrients. Antioxidants in CBD oil give you healthier hair that can tolerate harsh weather conditions without further damage. Finally, it helps in strengthening the hair from root to tip.


CBD oil is effective in strengthening the hair. You can read CBD articles to know more. But, it is crucial to use it moderately as overuse can do more harm than good. It is advisable to start with a patch test to avoid any adverse reactions. Always use a high-quality CBD-infused hair care product to prevent any damage to your hair. Generally,  there are no side effects to using CBD oil in hair care, but it is better to observe how your hair reacts during the first usage. If you feel that your hair reacts adversely to the CBD product, stop using it. On a final note, CBD oil is a better choice than artificial chemical products that are likely to further damage your hair.