The future is green. If you want to give a gift that is green but also shows that you know the person to whom you are gifting, then you will likely choose a hamper.

Why? Because gift hampers are loaded with possibilities that allow you to fill them with whatever you want. While you could opt to buy one online, more people than ever before are choosing to make them from scratch, making them more personalised and thoughtful. What a great idea for a gift!

Of course, you may not be too into the idea of giving a hamper as a gift. This could be because you haven’t received one and don’t know how versatile and fun they can be — to make or to receive. So, here are some reasons why hampers make such great gifts, and why green hampers especially are taking the market by storm.

They Are Personal

Suppose you are buying a gift for a friend who is really into household plants. You could aim to buy a set of plants and gift them separately. Or why not simply put them all together in a wicker basket with some tissue paper? Then you will have a green hamper.

This is just one example of a green hamper. You can fill or build your hamper to contain framed photos of your friends or family, a bottle of their favourite wine or, if they like chocolate, fill it with chocolate. If you don’t have the time to put a hamper together, but want to gift one, then click here to check out the hamper options that are available to buy.

Even if you are buying your hamper for someone, it can still be green. Many companies do not allow non-recyclable plastics or materials in their hampers, so it will be as eco-friendly as you want to make it. These companies can even allow you to personalise any accompanying cards. You can put whatever you want on the card or add a photo of you and your friend on the cover.

They Are Affordable

The idea of buying a hamper can be hard, as many people associate them with being expensive and not having much in them.

However, this is one of the reasons why so many people, and even large companies, are opting to make their green hampers. You can fill them with whatever you want, giving you the choice over what goes into them. This also means you can buy certain items that you may want to put in them, such as books or hypoallergenic skin products online, which can often be cheaper. Or, if you are really into green hampers and building your own, why not choose to fill them with items solely from thrift stores? This will help lower the costs and will give you an opportunity to showcase how well you know the recipient’s taste.

They Are Reusable

One of the great things about green products is that they are usually reusable. For instance, many shampoo companies that offer green bars offer them in metal containers. Once the shampoo is gone, you can still use the container to store other things. With a green hamper, in most cases, you will be able to reuse whatever was in it, including the container itself. Many green hampers come in wicker baskets, which will allow you When you gift a green hamper, everything within it will last a long time and will keep giving.

They Are Green

Many people in 2022 are concerned about the environment, and about cutting CO2 emissions. One of the main reasons why green hampers are on the rise is because they are green. It is that simple.

The containers that the gifts are held in can be recycled and reused, or they can be compostable in some cases — hence why wicker baskets are so popular as a base for your items. The companies who offer green baskets will usually ensure that the products within them are handmade or have been made in factories that have low CO2 emissions or use green energy to fuel the machines that make the products. You can even get green hampers that are based around sustainable products and practices, such as chocolate hampers where the beans are farmed in communities where the workers get a living wage.

They Send a Strong Message

Suppose you run a business and you want to send your clients a gift, thanking them for their patronage. If you send a standard hamper, that’s okay, but in 2022, companies are attracting new clients and customers by going green. By sending a green hamper, you send a powerful message about the ethos of your company. That you support the aforementioned communities and their work, or that you and your staff are dedicated to lowering CO2 emissions and take the climate crisis very seriously. This will hopefully encourage your business partners to do the same, helping to spread the message. All by gifting a green hamper!


Hampers are a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, or even baby showers, but there are reasons why in 2022, more people are opting to purchase green alternatives. As already explained, they save money, recycle resources, or ensure that the materials contained within them are recyclable, while also providing gifts that are reusable time and time again. By choosing to give someone a green hamper, you are choosing a gift that can be personalised, easy to make, and of course, it sends a special message to the receiver. A green hamper is a great gift idea for the eco-warrior in your family.