Do you want to start your own campaign but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’ve got an idea for a new kind of campaign that your community hasn’t seen before. You might even be wondering if it’s possible for your small, grassroots movement to compete with larger, well-funded nonprofits on an equal footing.

In any case, starting a campaign can feel overwhelming. After all, building up a base of supporters willing to invest in your cause takes time and money. But fear not! With the right resources and planning, setting up a successful campaign is easier than you think. The following guide will walk you through the ins and outs of starting your very first campaign.

Build your contacts

Start by reaching out to your community, whether that’s friends, coworkers, or family members. You can also try reaching out to organizations or businesses with a similar focus. Even if they aren’t directly related to your cause, they may be able to help you out. One way you can do this is by sending cold emails or using a convenient communication service like a Linked Hacker, which reaches out to people for you.

Another great way to build your network is to participate in local or online events. Whether it’s a meetup or a conference, these events can give you a chance to meet like-minded people and spread your campaign message.

Utilize your socials

When you’re building your contacts list, don’t forget to use your social media accounts to build your network. Use Facebook and Twitter to reach out to family, friends, and community members. You can also create custom audiences and search for groups related to your cause that you can join and participate in.

After you’ve built your network on social media, start using your accounts to share updates about your campaign. Share pictures, videos, and memes that can help spread the message about your campaign and encourage people to join. You can also create custom ads or create sponsored posts on your social media accounts that you can use to promote your campaign.

Once you’ve started sharing updates on your social media accounts, keep an eye out for comments and replies from your community. Respond to them so that you can build a relationship with your community and encourage them to join your campaign.

Get funding

If your campaign is looking to gather funds, you’ll first want to create a crowdfunding page. A crowdfunding page is like a website that allows you to collect funds from donors through online donations. Once you’ve created your page, you’ll want to start sharing your campaign on social media. This will allow you to drive traffic to your page and collect donations. You can also use websites like CrowdSource to help collect funding for your campaign.

Set up events

Nothing beats events when it comes to spreading the word about your campaign and building your network. Events are a great way to meet people in a casual setting and possibly even collect donations for your campaign. You can organize events on your own or partner with local organizations to help organize them.

You can also utilize online platforms like Eventbrite to help you host and promote your events. Once you’ve organized your events, start attending networking events to meet people. You can also try organizing meetups yourself to meet other like-minded people in your area.