Dear Shout Out UK readers, in a nail-biting turn of events and after fierce negotiations, the Reindeer Union and the Elves Union have finally reached a deal with St. Nicholas & Co. It was a close call, with strike action set to take place from December 24th through to the 25th as reindeers and elves threatened to walk out over ‘insufferable’ work conditions.

Reindeer Union representative, Rudolph Snowtree, had this to say:

‘We take pride in our work, but the last few months have been terrible for all of us with the price of carrots up 12 per cent. We’re happy with the new deal. Every reindeer will now be eligible for 63 kg of organic carrots per week. This will go a long way given the importance of vitamin A in our diet to aid with sleigh navigation in the dark.’

Elf Union Representative, Sugarplum Mary, also commented:

‘For years we have put up with intolerable, factory-life conditions. Toy-making is meticulous and gruelling work, often requiring 24h shifts with no bathroom breaks. It’s only right that we have finally been recognised as key workers by the company. As of 2023, all elves will be allowed to work from home three out of seven days a week.’

As Christmas proceeds on course, the Team at SOUK would like to convey their Christmas wishes.

Shima Langan, Public Policy Coordinator:

If I had one wish, it would be that everyone enters into 2023 feeling refreshed and excited for the year ahead. 2022 has been a busy year for everyone, so I do hope this holiday season gives you all a chance to reset and wind down.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and New Year, surrounded by loved ones, great food and good vibes. I look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!

Lucie Spicer, Operations & Projects Manager:

If I had one wish, it would be that we had more time in the year! We have had a brilliant year at Shout Out UK; we have expanded our mission and are reaching new demographics and engaging with numerous projects including, building societal resilience to disinformation, combating online radicalisation and extremism through political and media literacy, and engaging young people into the policy world and ensuring they have their say. 

I am excited to see what we can achieve next year, and I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Matteo Bergamini, CEO & Founder:

If I had one wish, it would be that all people, young and old, understood that the old adage ‘politics isn’t for the dinner table,’ needs to be confined to the history books. Whether it’s the climate crisis, why Santa started wearing red instead of green or the reason why you need a small loan to light up your tree this year, the reality is, politics is in everything we do in life. Ignoring it does not stop it from existing. It’s better to be brave, enjoy the conversation, and educate yourself a little this Christmas.

Gabriel Kaabianpour, Opportunities Development Coordinator:

If I had one wish, it would be that everyone’s days be filled with family, friends, and the happiness that comes from being together during this very special time of year! I hope that everyone’s holiday season is spent with enjoyable company, love, laughter, a lot of good food, and the festive cheer needed to make many fond memories for the years to come. I also wish everyone a promising and fulfilling New Year, which hopefully brings many exciting adventures, opportunities, achievements, friendships, and the opening of new chapters in people’s lives, making the most out of the exciting year to come.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Diana Aganey, Managing Editor:

It’s been an interesting year — to say the least. Common sense tells me that wishes rarely come true, but the dreamer within all of us urges me to take a leap of faith. So, leap I shall, and wish for a better and safer world for our loved ones. That is all.

A Happy Christmas and New Year to Everyone — especially my SOUK Team! and our dedicated Writers!

Sarah Bannon, Digital Growth Lead:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone is resting up over the holidays and getting to spend some time with their loved ones. For 2023, I wish that we continue to be kind and understanding toward one another.

Lucas Scott-Harston, Head of Opportunities & Social Impact:

If I had one wish, it would be that Political and Media Literacy were more widely available to all young people, so that the next generation is equipped with the appropriate tools, knowledge, and confidence to tackle mis, dis, and malinformation online. Beyond this, I hope that 2023 is filled with a little more empathy, understanding, and laughs for all, as I think we can all agree that this is needed now more than ever. 

Oliver Blewett, Education Coordinator:

After what has been one of the strangest years in living memory, from eagerly watching a wilting cabbage to the greatest queue ever known, my one wish is that we continue to laugh, make light, and prod fun at whatever happens next. If the apocalyptic and absurdist headlines continue into 2023, then let us meet them with wit and absurdity which makes it all the more bearable. In this spirit, may you all have a very happy holiday period and see you next year! … hopefully.

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